That Beautiful Season, by Sandra Fox Murphy

When the Civil War is at last over, a young girl called Sylvie is unaware of the turmoil of her past and the Reconstruction all around her. She knows only farm animals and crop cycles and the love of her family. Growing into a lovely young woman in rural Maryland, she finds happiness in the farming life and, over time, runs smack into love. But she soon will discover that life is filled not only with joy, but loss, and[…]

What I Cannot Abandon, by William Guest

What I Cannot Abandon is curated from over six decades of writing, and these poems by William Guest paint an inimitable portrait of the human experience. Contemplating both the mysteries and miracles of life, as well as the challenges of aging and mortality, Guest expertly assesses life’s joys and sorrows with insight and tenderness. Through their reckoning with the world at large, these eclectic poems engage the wonder of the universe with buoyancy and pleasure, ultimately staring darkness in the[…]

All the Dead Are Holy, by Larry Levy

Larry Levy is the best kind of writer. His poems—with their honesty and intimacy—invite you in, ask you to sit at the table, and listen to the stories you need to hear about the past that is never past, the wars that will not end, and the people who continue to love even though they are gone. Hearing his stories, you begin to wake to your own stories, your own losses and loves, and finally you want to take his[…]

Such a Nice Girl, by Carol St. John

Who knows what makes us become whatever we are? My future was pulling me down a path I had never considered. It seemed to have its own mind, a force behind it that had come from the stars, or at least somewhere beyond my control… “With Lily Woodhouse Carol St. John has given us a voice at once recognizable, yet entirely original. Lily is a small town girl with a simple life, perched on the verge of the future. When[…]

Editorial Board

Atmosphere Press is a team of editors, publishers, advisors, designers, developers, publicists, marketers, and avid readers. Here are just a few of the people operating behind the scenes: Nick Courtright, Executive Editor The author of Let There Be Light and Punchline, Nick Courtright has more than a decade of experience in both publishing and higher education. The co-Executive Editor of Gold Wake Press, he founded Atmosphere Press as an alternative approach to seeing good books into print. He has studied[…]

Winter Park, by Graham Guest

Winter Park is a darkly funny tale of two unlikely friends: Eric Swanson, a drug-addled philosopher from Colorado, and Harris Birdsong, an epileptic, synaesthetic savant from the deep south. The pair meet at a rodeo camp in West Texas, where each tries to outrun his troubled past.  Their humorous adventure belies a tragedy of racism, substance abuse, and murder. Buy it now at Amazon, or order it from your local bookstore. “A powerfully distinctive voice.”  ~Michael Schmidt, author of The Novel:[…]

Rescripting the Workplace, by Pam Boyd

Tutored by her own painful journey out of confusion and disappointment with bosses, coworkers, and the work environment, Pam Boyd in Rescripting the Workplace delivers powerful, down-to-earth strategies for transforming your life at work not in the distant future, but right now. Order it through your local bookstore, or on Amazon. Praise for one of Pam Boyd’s other books, The Two-Minute Tune-Up: “Super-inspiring. Pam draws on a wide range of references and life experience to deliver daily insights to get[…]

Who Are We, by William Guest

Who Are We, an essay in verse, investigates the history of the universe and, in it, the role of humanity. About the book, Harvard University professor of Biology Brian Farrell said “I am overwhelmed by the beauty and truth of this epic poem.” Get it now via order at your local bookstore, or at on Amazon. “This poem, Who Are We, carries with it a remarkably clear insight not only into modern cosmology, but also the basic physics underlying modern[…]

Surviving Mother, by Gwen Head

Just as Deb and her mother Estelle are learning how to mesh their individual lives together, nature’s destructive hand comes down, leaving them to wait for a new hope, and help from unexpected others. In Surviving Mother Gwen Head has written a story of life struggles, tragedy, and getting one’s life back together to move forward. Written with the caregivers of the world in mind, Head takes the reader into a daughter’s and mother’s life struggles, doubts, and hardships as they[…]