Editorial Board

MastheadAtmosphere Press is a team of editors, publishers, advisors, designers, developers, publicists, marketers, and avid readers. Here are just a few of the people operating behind the scenes:

Nick Courtright, Executive Editor

The author of Let There Be Light and Punchline, Nick Courtright has more than a decade of experience in both publishing and higher education. The co-Executive Editor of Gold Wake Press, he founded Atmosphere Press as an alternative approach to seeing good books into print. He has studied writing and literature at the University of Texas, Texas State University, and Ohio University, and has been a professor of English at St. Edward’s, Southwestern, and Concordia Universities. Learn more about Nick at nickcourtright.com, and discover his business and academic editing company, Edity Group, at editygroup.com.

Andrew Neuendorf, Editorial Advisor

A recognized leader in online literature and writing education, Andrew Neuendorf is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Humanities for the Des Moines Area Community College. With expertise in American Literature and texts related to the pursuit of enlightenment, Neuendorf’s videos on YouTube have garned tens of thousands of views. Learn more at andrewneuendorf.com.

Kyle McCord, Editorial Advisor

The author of six books, including the acclaimed Magpies in the Valley of Oleanders and Sympathy from the Devil, Kyle McCord is co-Executive Editor of Gold Wake Press, where he publishes books of poetry and fiction. A Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Writing, McCord has studied literature and writing at The University of North Texas and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Learn more at kylemccord.com, and goldwakepress.com.

Alex Kale, Editorial Advisor

Fluent in the languages of both poetry and fiction, Alex Kale received an education in English at Concordia University. With an eye on structure, formal arrangement, and grammar, Kale is skilled at polishing a manuscript into the diamond it can be.

Michelle Nail, Marketing Consultant

With more than a decade of experience in digital and print media, Michelle Nail is versed in marketing across mediums. Nail has a background in the television, newspaper, and advertising industries, and is a go-to source for information on how to successfully market any product, including a book.

Matthew Little, Business Consultant

Educated at Millsaps and Texas State University, Matthew Little specializes in translation and natural poetics. A former instructor of English on the remote south Japanese island of Iheya, as well as at various institutions of higher education in the United States, he currently studies law at the University of Kentucky.

Steve Adams, Business Consultant

Educated at The New School in New York City and the University of Texas, Steve Adams is a Pushcart Prize winner whose fiction and nonfiction have been widely published. He also has seen his plays produced in New York City and across the country, and has been a force in writing coaching for more than a decade. Learn more at steveadamswriting.com.

Ali Diaz-Tello, Designer

Educated in Graphic Design at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, Ali Diaz-Tello focuses in her design on the fusion between the vintage and the modern. With expertise in User Experience and Web Design, Diaz-Tello is a dynamic source for the latest approaches to artistic style and design.