Why We’re Better


After years of experience in traditional publishing, the minds behind Atmosphere Press began to notice just how flawed its model is, and, in particular, how unfriendly it can be for authors. That’s why Atmosphere prides itself in bringing a different approach to publishing. Here’s just a taste of some of traditional publishing’s shortcomings, and how Atmosphere Press has aimed to solve those shortcomings.

Problems with traditional publishing:

Long time from acceptance to publication
Expensive author copies
Limited editorial assistance
Little say in cover design
Little say in interior layout
Little say in book dimensions
Onerous royalties contracts
Outrageous contest and reading fees
Rejection rejection rejection

Atmosphere solutions:

Less than 6 months to publication
Wholesale price author copies
As much editorial assistance as you want
Tons of say in cover design
Tons of say in interior layout
Tons of say in book dimensions
Atmosphere takes 0% royalties. Yes, 0%.
No contest / reading fees
No endless rejection—if your book is good, let’s make this thing happen

For more details on these differences, feel free to dive into our FAQ!