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$8 Book Order: Black & White Paperbacks Under 300 Pages; Color Paperbacks Under 100 Pages


This order page is for Atmosphere Authors only. If you are not an Atmosphere Author, please do not use this page to order books.

Please make your book order payment here only for Black & White Paperbacks Under 300 Pages or Color Paperbacks Under 100 Pages. Atmosphere Press will be notified, and will place the order on your behalf. Do note that we’ll only be able to order prints in the mode (color, black and white, paperback, hardcover, etc.) that we’ve agreed upon and set up prior to your order. 

Also: Please make sure you list the correct shipping address on the following page. Once we place the order with the printer, we can’t change the address! Most book orders will be fulfilled within two weeks, so if you haven’t received your book order within three weeks, please let us know so we can look into the cause of the delay.

Do note that Atmosphere Press is not responsible for shipping or manufacturing errors, delays, or misprints, as Atmosphere Press has no authority over either shipping or printing services or companies. We’re just placing the order for you so you can get the best discount!