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Jilly’s Brat ‘N’ Cat Daycare, by Janette Renata

What more could a girl with allergies possibly wish for beyond moving into an ugly, dusty old house with her very own vomit-pink bedroom?

CATS! That’s what! Jillian Breanne O’Brien is MAD! Her dad is looking for jobs in very large cities, and her mom has found one in a very small country town. Now, to her complete and utter shock, Jill, or Jilly Bean, as her family lovingly calls her, must spend the summer brat-sitting her little brother and his furry friends.

Jilly’s Brat ‘n’ Cat Daycare by Janette Renata tells about a family working through a crisis. As Jill takes on supervision of her extremely challenging brother, she discovers a much deeper appreciation for the adults in her family. She also finds that there is beauty and much to learn about rural life. And yes, great friends can be found – even in the country.

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