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Journey’s Arcane, by Eda Scott

Letting her former life find her was never part of the plan-and meeting a man with a dark, arcane past was certainly not in the cards.

Nora is breaking away from her life in Puth, North Dakota, determined to start fresh somewhere she can’t be found. But first, she must return to the small town of Journey, Manitoba, to prevent her family from desecrating the historic castle she fell in love with as a child. Her quest leads her on a journey of love and mysticism when she encounters an unexpected ally, Leon the bartender, who holds a remarkable secret.

Visions of an ancient legend begin to haunt Nora, and as her connection with Leon deepens, so does the uncertainty. Her determination to preserve the king’s legacy takes her to the heart of the castle’s secrets. Opening Leon’s perilous past, as it begins reaching for her – everything shatters.

Nora must summon courage to face her destiny, battling the unimaginable to save herself and protect the innocence of the enchanted town she loves. Will she succeed, or will darkness consume her?

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