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McBee Afterworld Cover Project front jpg scaled

Afterworld, by Bryan McBee

The Information Age ended with the collapse of industrial society. As the world entered a new dark age, humanity has been cast down from their dominant place in the world.

This is the world in which Simon Crandall grew up. Savage and unforgiving, gone are the cities with their towering skylines. Gone are the governments wielding global power over life and death. All that remain of their might and majesty are decaying ruins.

But when Simon discovers the key to a weapon powerful enough to destroy the world, he is pursued by enemies who will stop at nothing to prevent him from revealing this dangerous secret. Facing enemies and betrayal on all sides, Simon is determined to find this weapon first. But he is far from the only one seeking it. The survival of his people, and possibly the world hangs in the balance.

In Afterworld, by Bryan McBee, war, politics, and espionage are at the forefront of this fantasy hero’s quest with a modern twist. The dire consequences of humankind’s choices in the past prove to have a lasting impact upon the future.

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Wellman Cover Project front jpg

Ghosts of the Abbey, by Ashley Wellman & Patrick Kinkade

What if the ghosts of history’s most notable and notorious figures assembled in an epic struggle for the future of all mankind?

In Ghosts of the Abbey, a demon lurks in the Tower of London, preparing his evil army to destroy all mortal life and reclaim control of heaven and hell. All he needs is a key to the afterworld. Join the race for this relic as famous spirits who now reside at Westminster Abbey team up with two unsuspecting mortal boys, a pair of ethereal princes trapped in the tower, and a whole host of unlikely apparitions in an effort to protect humanity from the impending darkness.

In Ghosts of the Abbey, you’ll encounter history, humor, horror, and a rollicking adventure across time and the boundaries between good and evil.

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