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Who is Atmosphere Press?

Atmosphere Press is an author-friendly publisher and author services provider accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and partnered with the Independent Book Publisher’s Association, the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, Writer’s…
world building tips

10 World Building Tips: Creating Your Book Setting

As an author, crafting a vivid and immersive world is crucial to captivating readers and bringing your story to life. Whether you’re delving into fantasy realms, exploring distant planets, or…

An Interview with Kay “Kro” Kroger

Kay “Kro” Kroger is an on-demand typewriter poet. They teach creative (type)writing classes and are poet-in-residence at the WNDR Museum. They have a linguistics MA (2016) and are an MFA…

An Interview with Thomas Kneeland

Thomas Kneeland is the author of We Be Walkin’ Blackly in the Deep (Marian University Department of Media, Communication, and Design) and a 2022 Frontier Poetry Global Poetry Prize finalist…

An Interview with C J Maust

I'm shallow. Things roll off my back easily and I try not to take things too seriously. Laughing is more fun than crying and worrying. I'm old-ish so I've got…

An Interview with Paula Banks

Paula Banks, a natural storyteller, discovered her talent for crafting compelling narratives during her high school years. Today, she juggles her roles as a writer and Implementation Specialist with ease,…

An Interview with Kara Cueto Osthoff

Kara is a writer who lives with her family in the Midwest. With degrees in History and Interior Design, she brings a wealth of knowledge to every project she tackles.…

An Interview with Tiffany Washington

Tiffany Washington is a high school English teacher, mother of four, lesbian, poet, and writer. Her works have appeared in a number of print and on-line publications including Rumble fish…

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