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So far in 2021...

Atmosphere authors have sold thousands and thousands of books across five continents, received starred or featured reviews with Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, and Booklist, and have even appeared on a giant billboard in Times Square in New York City. We've had books with 1000+ first-month sales in four different genres (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's), and our Author Connect program is uniting our authors with each other like no other press.

Charity Partners!

This year Atmosphere Press has pledged to donate to The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, The National Defense Against Homelessness, The World Wildlife Federation’s Worldwide Fund For Nature, and, of course, the World Literacy Foundation so as to encourage heightened access to that most valuable of skills: reading.  These organizations are representative of the values that the team at Atmosphere Press holds dear!

Sky-High Reviews

Booklist called Peter Friedrichs' And the Stars Kept Watch “a flawless first novel” in which “Emotions run high; keep the hankies handy.”

Meanwhile, Booklife called Elizabeth Kirschner's Because the Sky is a Thousand Soft Hurts an editor's pick(!) and a “haunting debut...a powerhouse of language."

Not to be outdone, a starred(!) Kirkus review called Allyson S. Barkley’s A Memory of Light “an understated and atmospheric tale from a strong new voice in the genre.”

Bestseller News!

Atmosphere is thrilled to be working on a third book with bestselling and award-winning children's book author Dennis Mathew. Acclaimed on the K-12 speaking tour, Dennis' forthcoming How Grizzly Found Gratitude has already accounted for more than 5000 preorders. On top of the success of Bello the Cello and My WILD First Day at School, we're proud to see these meaningful books take off!



Because we'd love to see what you've built.

Atmosphere Press is an author-first collaborative publisher open to book-length submissions in all genres year-round. We have no restrictive guidelines, other than to send us something good! We use a model in which the author funds the work behind the project, but keeps 100% rights, royalties, and artistic autonomy. You can learn more about how we serve authors via our FAQ and our Testimonials. You can email us anytime at, submit through Submittable, or simply fill out the form below!




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