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Discover Your Own 

Rewarding Author Journey

Without a great hybrid publishing team, your book’s 

publication won’t be as meaningful as it could be. When 

you publish with Atmosphere Press, you’ll get the

legacy-building author journey your book deserves.

Discover Your Own Rewarding Author Journey

Step 1

Start Your Author Journey

Step 2

Make Your Book Beautiful

Step 3

Be a Proud Author

There are 4 ways to start your own Rewarding Author Journey.
Which one is right for you?

Option 1:

Read The 8 Steps of an Awesome Author Journey

Perfect for: Anyone new to hybrid publishing who wants to learn our proven formula for crafting a book ready to win awards and be adored by readers. 

Want to have a better understanding of every piece of a rewarding publishing experience? Learn the author journey at your own pace via this informative step-by-step ebook detailing our company’s hybrid publishing process. In it, you’ll see how a book like yours transforms from raw manuscript to award-winning bestseller. 

Option 2:

Submit your manuscript for review

Perfect for: Anyone with a manuscript who wants our take on it, and who wants to keep learning about the publishing process in the meantime. 

Want to start your manuscript on its journey to a published future? We’re a selective hybrid publishing company, and you can have your manuscript reviewed by our team. We’ll be in touch with advice, so you’ll be ready to take the plunge when the time comes. For you, it might even be soon!

Option 3:

Schedule a free consultation with an Editor

Perfect for: Anyone who is ready to have a serious discussion about signing a book contract, and who is excited to see their book out in the world. 

Ready to bring your manuscript to the threshold of a book contract? Schedule with one of our top editors to discuss your work, your goals, and the future for your manuscript as a published book. If all goes well, you might even come out of the call with a book deal. Very exciting!

Option 4:

Start publishing your book now

Perfect for: Anyone who is ready to dive into a truly remarkable experience having their writing treated well by outstanding professionals. 

Ready to take the plunge and make this happen? Click the button below to embark on an incredible journey to publication. From there, you follow our bona fide path to a meaningful and rewarding experience that you’ll remember forever. 

Step 1

Start Your Transformative Author Journey

Step 2

Work with Our Team to Make Your Beautiful Book

Step 3

Be a Proud Author in the World

Why Atmosphere?

As a hybrid publishing company, Atmosphere Press gives you only the best of both worlds: the credibility, experience, and talent of a traditional publisher combined with the autonomy, ownership, and contemporary boldness of a self-publisher. We use a model in which the author funds the work behind the project, but keeps 100% rights and artistic autonomy, as well as favorable royalties. With our Flagship Publishing package, Atmosphere Press offers authors a guided and meaningful journey to publishing their own masterpiece. 

What would choosing the wrong publisher cost you?

Traditional Publisher Risks:

  • Lost creative autonomy
  • Low royalties
  • Inaccessibility

Self-Publishing Risks:

  • Rookie mistakes
  • Lack of prestige
  • Disjointed team

And with both, you can miss an opportunity to do something great.

By taking control of your book’s destiny with Atmosphere, you receive the transformative and rewarding experience your writing deserves.

...and our esteemed partners in hybrid publishing

Atmosphere Press Partners in Book Publishing

We specialize in giving authors a great publication experience

Founded in 2015 by an author and PhD in Literature, Atmosphere Press is a selective hybrid publisher with roots in the literary world: our editors and staff have MFAs, PhDs, and proven track records in the publishing community. Our books are regularly reviewed positively in places like Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus, and our titles have sold tens of thousands of copies. We’re members of IBPA and The Authors Guild, we’re accredited as A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and, well, we just try to do right by writers. 

With Atmosphere, you will have a professional hybrid publishing team bringing dedication and craftsmanship to your life’s work. This will create for you a meaningful and rewarding experience that will secure your legacy as an artist, and as a human. With our help, your work will live on.

Learn more at our Advice for Writers blog

Learn more at our Advice for Writers blog

Get the FREE ebook

The Five Things You Need in Your Book Contract…and One Bonus Thing

6 simple things that will make a HUGE difference in the type of publishing experience you have

The Five Things You Need in Your Book Contract
The Five Things You Need in Your Book Contract

Get the FREE ebook

The Five Things You Need in Your Book Contract…and One Bonus Thing

6 simple things that will make a HUGE difference in the type of publishing experience you have

Atmosphere Press was founded in 2015 on the principles of Honesty, Transparency, Professionalism, Kindness, and Making Your Book Awesome.

We hold true to those principles today.

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