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What our authors say, because you don't have to take our word for it. Whether young or old, experienced or new to publishing, you can see here what authors thought about working with Atmosphere.

Working with Atmosphere Press on The Cup was amazing! From Nick Courtright, Kyle McCord in acquisitions, Bryce Wilson in development editing, Ronaldo Alves and Kevin Stone in cover design, Alex Kale and Erin Larson-Burnett and Meg Schader in copy editing, Cammie Finch in editorial and design, to Hayla Alawi in publicity management, each Atmosphere team member was a revelation to work with.

Their professionalism, efficiency, and meticulous attention to detail was both refreshing and impressive. Atmosphere Press truly does it the right way – by putting the best product out to the public while keeping the artist first and foremost in the process. Simply put, I wouldn’t trust my work to any other publisher! Bravo! I truly could not have done this project without Atmosphere Press!

As a new author, I knew nothing about publishing. Atmosphere Press made it easy, walking me through each step and providing the expertise I lacked. They are truly author-centric and worked hard to be sure that I understood what was happening and that I was happy with the results. Despite taking a lot of time choosing my title and cover, they were patient and encouraging, letting me know that the goal was for me to be satisfied with the results. 

I love that Sunflowers Beneath the Snow is still my book – only better. I would recommend that authors with a good story to tell use Atmosphere Press to get that story out into the world.

From Adesina Brown author of Where the Rain Cannot Reach

I always felt like I was seriously respected at Atmosphere Press–none of my questions were too frivolous, none of my dreams unattainable. Atmosphere fully embraced my identities and my characters’, too, and never asked me to water anything down. I was appropriately challenged throughout, and always supported. Every service I received from Atmosphere usually had me reflecting back on how necessary the aid was and how wonderful the results were.

Moreover, I know I’ll go into future publications with more knowledge, and thus more confidence, than I had before. Overall, I am so grateful I chose Atmosphere Press for Where the Rain Cannot Reach.

From Elsie Beya author of Staged

I loved the whole process! I felt so included and involved in everything. Even the time zones didn’t get in the way! I always felt kept in the loop, and I very much felt Staged was always my book and I had the final say. Everyone I worked with was fabulous, friendly and super helpful. There was never a question too trivial or silly, and all emails were answered.

I really felt that everyone, especially Alex, really ‘got’ my book, and wanted to make it the best it could be, with it still being mine and not anything else. It felt like you valued it as an individual and not as one of many Atmosphere projects.

I learned so much from each of you, and I feel I would not have gained that knowledge from any other route into publishing.
I would absolutely recommend Atmosphere to any and everyone. And have done! I am working on my next manuscript, and you guys will be my first port of call.

From Elder Gideon author of Gnostic Triptych

When Nick Courtright congratulated me with an offer to pick up my first poetry manuscript, I had to blink twice at the email on my screen. Like so many other practicing poets, my walls were papered with years of rejections. But as I looked into Courtright’s craft as a poet himself, my surprise turned into pride to work with an established academic who could make me laugh.

Atmosphere is maverick. Collaborating with my editor Kyle on the scope and sequence of my pieces taught me more about my work than the best writing workshop ever had. Negotiating all of the moving parts of my lineations with Cammie never once felt stressful. Learning the promotional ropes with Christina and Lennie grounded my new sense of how to connect vision with people.

I’m a fortunate writer who’s not been jaded by a marketplace. Instead, the environment at Atmosphere has spoiled me into believing that I’m an artist of worth whose vision matters and can touch myriad readers. Imagine that.

From Kellye Abernathy author of The Aquamarine Surfboard

I’d definitely recommend Atmosphere to others! (In fact, I already have. Since the book has come out, I’ve received several inquiries from other authors.) First, I cannot say enough good things about the cover design team, shout out to Ronaldo and Kevin Stone. I LOVE the cover! Trista’s developmental editing was super helpful. I found her to be thoughtful, responsive and expressive in her insights. She made the book better. Alex and Erin were also wonderful. The proof and formatting process went well (except for a few glitches with punctuation related to dialogue. All corrections were made in a timely manner).

Evan’s construction and design of my website has been amazing. I’m glad I can continue to work with him in the future. I’m very pleased with my author website.

Cammie and Hayla are a joy to work with in book promotion. Both of them respond promptly to questions and provide thorough, comprehensive explanations. It’s obvious they are invested in an author’s success. I appreciate the guidance, enthusiasm and extra reinforcement!

Of course I can’t say enough good things about Nick. He’s a high energy, positive, competent leader. I appreciate that I can contact Nick with questions and concerns. Everyone on his team works hard to be approachable, collaborative, professional AND fun—all excellent things.

From James Morris author of FLAWED HOUSES of FOUR SEASONS

I would absolutely recommend Atmosphere Press for a first time author and would certainly use them again for a second book. Everyone made the process extremely enjoyable and rewarding. The first time I held the final product in hand, it was an emotional experience for me. All of the many hours of writing and editing finally in a form for others to read is truly an awesome feeling. The cover design perfectly portrays my story and the designer was more than willing to make a minor tweak which made it more striking and real.

Every phase of the process was handled with a high level of care and professionalism. When Atmosphere Press claims to be author-focused they are stating fact – Atmosphere honored my style and wishes throughout!

From Paul Lessard author of White Birch

From my initial talks with Nick and Kyle, to the in-depth work I did with the inimitable Dan Gutstein in editorial development, to the special touch that Ronaldo, Matthew, Alex, Erin and Cammie each brought to their special part of the project, I found the Atmosphere Press team to be absolutely wonderful. Cheerful, enthusiastic and talented, they took my book to a new, polished place that I am extremely proud of.

From Judith Bice author of Hey, White Girl

I took almost a year (by choice) from signing a contract to publishing my book, and there was never any pressure to do it sooner. What I wanted most was developmental editing expertise. I can’t imagine having a better match in an editor than Atmosphere gave me. Even the cover design was an artistic experience itself, and turned out more “like me” than I thought possible. The process from beginning to end was clear, affirming, and fun.

I have taken advantage of the other offerings from Atmosphere through the Book Boost and Website development, and I appreciate so much the spirit of all the Atmosphere staff, their willingness to help, and their excitement over my work. They have affirmed my identity as a writer, which is a very different feeling than sending query letters that you are already told probably won’t be answered. Thank you, Nick, and Atmosphere Press!

From Chris Fozzard author of A Short History of Newton Hall, Chester

As author of ‘A Short History of Newton Hall, Chester’, my experience of Atmosphere has been entirely favorable from the outset. Nick was quick to respond to my initial submission and did so in the most positive and encouraging terms. The process thereafter was slick and seamless. Everyone I dealt with, on top of their professional insight and input, was friendly, upbeat, and entirely wedded to the success of the project. I was always confident that there was momentum behind the process, without skimping on necessary and important detail.

As a UK-based author, location was no impediment at all. There was sensitivity to time zones, language variation and cultural differences. I was particularly thrilled by the level of interest and immersion in my subject matter, which is deeply rooted in British history. Aspects of the relationship such as this make it feel like a true partnership, underpinned by a shared stake in the outcome. Nick and the team will be weary of me saying this, but I really can’t recommend Atmosphere highly enough!

From Carys Brown author of The Adventures of Sergeant Brown and the Mini Marines

Atmosphere seemed too good to be true when I came across fact many people warned me that it might be. But I had a gut feeling that they were the ones to help me get my book published. As an author and an illustrator I wanted to do my own illustrations which is not always possible with a traditional model of publishing. With Atmosphere, I had complete control over my book and they allowed me to use my own illustrations.

From start to finish they were a brilliant option between traditional publishing and self publishing, and they hand-held me as a complete novice to help me get my book into the world. They were professional at all times and as others have said they would always go the extra mile to help and support you. I would definitely use them again and recommend to any authors starting out that this is a good way to learn the business whilst still keeping control over your work and more of the royalties. The design team for the cover were awesome too and took my ideas and used their magic to convert them into what it is today. A lot of people have complimented the front cover.

Thank you Atmosphere for making my lifelong dream a reality. Looking forward to working with the marketing team etc in the months to come to get my book into the hands of readers. Don’t listen to the naysayers…you won’t regret trusting your beloved work into the hands of Kyle and Nick and team!

From Ruben Rivera author of Z is for Zapatazo

Aspiring authors know well what it’s like to sail between the Scylla of “no unsolicited manuscripts” and the Charybdis of “God be with you.” The former of course are traditional publishers – to whom new authors are largely invisible, unless you have a lover in the company, followed by the joys of lack of author control, Rip Van Winkle wait times, and surrender of most of the money made from your work. The latter is self-publishing. While clearly a viable route, it is up to you to pay for services like editing, proofreading, and cover design, or you can do it all on your own, assembling your book on a service like Amazon and risk putting your work out there when it may not be the best it can be.

Enter Atmosphere Press. Nick Courtright et al have a vision for great literature by new authors that, without Atmosphere Press, might never be known. Editor Dan Gutstein in our sessions made great suggestions, pointing out reasons but leaving final decisions to me as author. Art Director Ronaldo Alves designed a stunning cover with “Z” emblazoned across the entire surface and it is hard to imagine anything better. Erin Larson-Burnett was stellar with the content editing and formatting. And Cameron Finch and Hayla Alawi are to be praised for publicity and marketing.

I have been thoroughly pleased by the combination of professional expertise from submission to publication and marketing, the reasonable costs, retention of copyright by me, a much fairer return on the sale of each book, and the stimulating and friendly relations with every professional on the team.

From Emily Ruhl author of The Bonds Between Us

Although I was reluctant to work with Atmosphere at first, I couldn’t have been happier with my decision to choose Atmosphere as my publisher! I learned so much about the entire publishing process, and the entire Atmosphere team was always ready to answer any questions that I had. I felt so supported and encouraged throughout the process, and I learned to love every single moment of putting my book out into the world (even the terrifying parts!). It always felt like my book and I were cared about, not like we were “just another client.”

I cannot offer enough thanks to Nick, Shelley, Alex, Bryce, Evan, Ronaldo, Erin, Cammie, Hayla, and everyone else who worked with me to make my childhood dream of becoming a writer come true!
I truly felt like I was part of a team that had my back, that genuinely wanted and respected my opinions and feedback on every step of the process, and who was just as excited as I was to see my book become a reality! Thank you, with all of my heart, to all of you!

In hindsight, I am so glad that I forewent traditional publishing and instead chose Atmosphere Press to publish my first novel. I cannot wait to (hopefully) work with Atmosphere more in the future. I will definitely recommend Atmosphere to others in the future (and already have!).

From Liza Olson author of Here's Waldo

My experience with Atmosphere Press has been wildly positive from start to finish. Here’s Waldo is my first novel, and it’s something I’d been working on for six years, something I put all of myself into, so I wanted it to be just right when it finally came into the world. I’d gone the traditional route with it at first, landed an agent and shopped the book around, but after a year of no progress and not feeling like a priority, I dropped the agent and decided to go another route.

Within two months of having my book accepted for publication and signing the contract with Atmosphere Press, edits were done, the book cover was finalized (and fantastic), and it was already listed for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and thanks to IndieBound it’s even listed with some of my favorite indie bookstores around the country. Nick Courtright truly championed my book, immediately “got it,” and worked incredibly hard to get everything just right.

One of Atmosphere’s credos is that they’re putting the power not in the hands of the publisher, but in the hands of the writer, where it belongs, and that truly shows. Whether it was Nick going out of his way to make this book shine, editor Kyle McCord giving me some of the most insightful and useful notes I’ve ever received, or the rest of the staff getting this thing listed as far and wide as they could, my experience with Atmosphere Press has been absolutely stellar. This is how publishing should be, and I’m very glad that I went with them for my debut. My baby is in good hands!

From Jana Eisenstein author of Ghosted: Dating & Other Paramoural Experiences

I was hesitant to give up on the traditional publishing route. But, after a year of agents telling me they loved my book, but that memoir is just too hard to sell, I submitted to Atmosphere Press out of frustration, and a little curiosity. When Nick Courtright got back to me quickly with enthusiasm about my book and a desire to work with me, I felt like it had to be a trick – I was clearly missing some giant red flag. I reached out to other authors who had published with Atmosphere Press and they all gave glowing recommendations. And after my first meeting with Nick I knew my book had found its home.

Nick put together a truly impressive team to champion my book and help make it the best possible version of what I wanted to say. I have received so many compliments on the cover art and website, and now that I’m eyeball deep in the marketing and publicity phase, I’m so grateful for the guidance of Hayla and her team. They’ve managed to get me interviews and reviews, written template text for me to use when I reach out to my networks, and discussed with me how to approach local bookstores and libraries.

I feel extremely supported, and it was comforting to know that I could trust the quality of the work each and every member of the team has done. Atmosphere Press delivered way more than I expected, and I’m insanely proud of the final product.

From Jacqueline Grandey author of Broken Record

After writing a 75,000 word manuscript, I was pretty proud of myself. I tried to submit my work under “Erotica” to a few lit agents and pub houses but got turned down — I was crushed but motored on.
I was then advised to try submitting to an author-friendly publisher instead, which led me to find AP!! Nick was open to erotica writing but told me that it was not actually the “Erotica” genre, but that it was “New Adult”…I had my ah-ha moment. I couldn’t believe I was submitting the manuscript incorrectly!

Nick and his team gave it a once-over, calling it a “wild ride”, which in turn offered to work with me. Nick, Evan, Ronaldo, Erin, Alex, and Megan were all GEMS found in this oversaturated literary world. I’ve never had a team this confident in me and my work before – what an amazing experience!

Thank you for helping me make Broken Record a reality. Y’all changed my life!

From Richard Voigt author of My Name on a Grain of Rice

Everyone I dealt with at Atmosphere was professional and a joy to work with. My questions received prompt and detailed answers. Schedules were kept. Deliverables were delivered. Helpful advice was provided. A beautiful book was produced. I feel fortunate to be published by Atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Atmosphere to other writers…indeed, I already have.

From Georja Umano author of Terriers in the Jungle

Thank you so much to Nick and the staff at Atmosphere for believing in my book and seeing me through all the different stages. I love my cover art. The designers and  everyone I’ve worked with has worked hard to help me fulfill my dreams. That, plus I had no appetite for sending queries to another 70 agents and sweating it out. Thank you Atmosphere Press.

From William King author of In The Cause of Liberty

I was ambivalent about publishing with Atmosphere at the outset, and although I may remain so, I also think it was the right thing for me to do in realizing my book. That outcome, it appears to me, is the better one, than to have not achieved publication at all.

However the proof of the pudding, as Brecht has said, is in the eating.

The experience of readying my book in its finished form with Atmosphere, however, has been a solid one. At each stage—the design of the book cover, to the layout, to the editorial discussions, and the copyediting—the process was always very professionally conducted and with great facility of resources. Always with the proper resolution in mind, where the author’s concerns were paramount. I felt the editing suggestions for the book particularly were crucial; the cover-design resolved with flair. And, as for production values, I’m completely satisfied.

The author is invited thereby to become the most important actor in realizing their creation. This is an interesting solution to a fraught and constricted publishing sphere; and an effective, as also an expeditious alternative outlet. But the author should realize that the outcome lies ultimately with themselves, and with the quality of their offering.

Would I recommend Atmosphere to another author? I’d certainly discuss it, and think of it as an ethically valid path. My experience says I would endorse it.

The persons concerned at Atmosphere, each in their own way, were memorable, and a few were charming. It was a noteworthy experience, and one that will stand, since I have published in the ‘traditional’ way too, even with the best of them.

From Susan Dennis author of The Secret Field

We don’t know why most things happen as they do.  Random emails come into our inboxes evading our filters and catch our eye, if for no other purpose than to delete, delete, delete.

I’d given up trying to publish The Swing, a memoir about my life with my late husband, but then a random e-newsletter arrived from a publisher I’d never heard of.  I checked it out for reasons I still can’t explain and then something caused me to click on “contact.” In only a few minutes of conversation with Kyle McCord, I knew that I’d found my publishing home and my fifteen year dream was, again, hopeful.

Each step of the process with Atmosphere from edits to cover design and now the book’s emergence into the universe has exceeded my expectations for service, professionalism, support and inspiration.   Every promise made on that first call with Kyle – kept.  Every expectation for process and outcome – exceeded.

I’m on my second project with the press and this decision was strictly based on the security they have given me to trust them as artists and as a business. The experience to publish is expected to be a mixture of elation and hard work and the result with this press is to experience a collaboration that will fortify, guide and nurture those of us who believe in their words and aspire to author their best work.

Kyle told me I could trust them.  I’ve never looked back.

Above and beyond is alive and well at Atmosphere Press.

From Dan Jason author of The Saint Next Door

Great company with awesome team members! I will use you as a publisher again in the future. Overall an amazing experience! Awesome communication! Final product was phenomenal! Easy to work with and really caring!

From John Manuel author of Solitario The Lonely One

It has been a pleasure working with Atmosphere from start to finish on both of my novels. Nick Courtright employs a top-notch editorial, design, and promotional staff, who will give you their utmost attention promptly and politely.

From Mary A. Johnson author of Love and Asperger's: Jim and Mary's Excellent Adventure

The publisher of my first book, A Caregiver’s Guide: Insights into the Later Years, was no longer in business when I wanted a publisher for my second book, Love and Asperger’s: Jim and Mary’s Excellent Adventure, a memoir, so I began interviewing indie publishers. Kyle provided the information I needed to make a decision to go with Atmosphere, and I never regretted it. The services I received were valuable, given with care and patience, and I was always in charge and had the final say. I was pleased with the cover design, the editing, the formatting, and the final product!

I would definitely recommend Nick and his team to anyone wanting to produce a quality book. Mine is getting rave reviews and is selling well, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m currently working on my third book, Wash Your Face with Cold Water, a memoir, and Nick will be the first I contact when I’m ready for publication.

From Frances Fischer author of My Northeast Passage - Hope, Hassles and Danes

I saw Atmosphere’s call for manuscripts in Poets and Writers and sent my memoir on impulse – nothing ventured … nothing quite finished either. Where do we memoirists get off, anyway, with our auto-focus? I was amazed to be accepted and I am sure Atmosphere is the best, most likely only, home for my book. The astute editing talents of Kyle McCord, patient and enthused support from Cammie Finch in the final galley phase and Hayla Alawi behind my Book Boost have pulled it all into a better form and given me unexpected discipline and confidence. First contact with Nick, full of humor and insight, soon Evan the techie for audio.

I could simply not imagine a better, more professional and congenial team. Already making notes for the decidedly fictional “sequel”. If it grows into a book, I will look no further than Atmosphere. When you and your book find a home, yes – that’s where not only the heart is, but the brainy imagination firing up as well. Home.

From Reuben Percival author of Facehash

I have really enjoyed the process of getting my book published here and am grateful to Atmosphere Press for taking a chance on me. They were very helpful in initially giving me suggested edits in how they thought I could improve my story (pieces of advice which I have implemented to the stories I have been working on since) but did not want to completely rewrite what I had written, and have provided helpful advice on how to better promote my work online and in person. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to provide input for the cover of my book and was really impressed by what the design team were able to conjure with my ideas. Overall a very thorough and supportive publishing process!

From Bill Slawter author of Sit-Ins, Drive-Ins and Uncle Sam

From Day 1 of my interaction with Atmosphere Press, I have been impressed time-after-time with Nick and his entire staff’s professionalism, responsiveness, helpfulness, and advice on how best to get my book into a format to be proud of and then to get the book to the marketplace. I had no idea what to expect as I ventured into publishing my first book but they made the entire process seamless, working at my pace and providing timely feedback every step of the way.

From Joseph Libonati author of His Name Was Ellis

The incredibly competent and kind professionals at Atmosphere Press made my novel — His Name Was Ellis — a pleasure to develop and publish. I highly recommend Atmosphere Press to any author. I am proud to work with them!

From Richard Paik author of A Thing or Two About the Game

I would certainly recommend Atmosphere to others. If I sell zero (well, let’s say “not very many”) copies, the education about the process was worth it. All of my contacts were responsive and helpful. And flexible! — willing to accommodate obnoxious 11-hour and 13th-hour changes that I wanted to make.

From Liam Murphy author of Of Sin and Soul

As a first time author with no experience whatsoever, I was blessed when I found Atmosphere Press. I knew zilch about the journey from the first draft to publication. In truth, I didn’t really understand their real meanings. There are so many steps I hadn’t even considered.
With Atmosphere Press, I was professionally, positively and gently guided through every step of the way, while all the time being assured my decision on any matter was final.

Did I learn? I learned my words are only a part of the whole deal. It takes the input of so many very talented professionals to make the dream become a reality.

From Marc Kristal author of Permission

It all went surprisingly well. I say ‘surprisingly’ because I’m used to the opposite. I felt that I was very well treated every step of the way [and this continues], that the book got better as a result of Kyle’s ministrations, I was impressed and pleased that no one ever became short or unpleasant or impatient, and I think the finished product more than exceeds my expectations. I would happily recommend Atmosphere to other authors [and have indeed already done so] and happily, gratefully work with you all again.

From Lauren Yu author of Super STEM

I truly enjoyed my time working with Atmosphere Press! It’s been very fulfilling to see my book come to life, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of the help Atmosphere provided. There were many slight changes and clarifications I wanted to make to my book, and Nick and Victoria were incredibly accommodating throughout the entire process.

From Peyton A. Jackson author of Enlisted

I would definitely recommend Atmosphere to others. They were very flexible and they allowed me to work through this process on my own schedule.

From Charnjit Gill author of For the Moment

I learned a lot about the whole publishing process as well as about myself as a writer. I have enjoyed the process as the team really takes you through each part step-by-step and at your own pace. Everyone is professional and I trust their expertise. They understand the overall vision and help you execute on it in a way that is completely different. I am incredibly happy with my book covers – they are beautiful and a work of art in itself. The editing process developed me as a writer and everyone really pushes you to make it the best book it can possibly be in every way they can. There is no greater feeling than the satisfaction of the end product.

From Patrick Scott author of Unburied: The Loci of Power Series, Cycle I

The experience of getting Unburied ready for publication has been unique from my debut novel; this being our second time working together. Atmosphere, ever the joyful and professional organization, made every step easy, clear and as enjoyable as it could be. Given the environment in the world, I can truly say having a group of like-minded, artistic people bringing everything together is all an artist could ask for.

From Gideon Halpin author of Flowers That Die

The experience was wonderful! Each person on the team I came in contact with was friendly and helpful. I am so glad to have my first book published! Thank you!

From Eileen Wesel author of What If It Were True?

Kudos to Nick and his dream team! They helped make What If It Were True? – my 3-year research, sci-fi book awaken and become a reality!

From Roger S. Gottlieb author of The Sacrifice Zone

Atmosphere Press offered highly skilled editorial advice, copy editing and proofreading, quick and forthright communication, and produced a physically beautiful book and digital image. I’ve published with some major publishers, including Oxford and Cambridge University Presses, Routledge, and Rowman and Littlefield and I would say Atmosphere’s treatment of authors and competence are up there with the best.

From Sharon Whitehill author of A Dream of Wide Water

Having worked with many a publisher, both in my professorial career and now in my avocation as memoirist and poet, I can say with perfect truth that Atmosphere Press takes the prize. For the first time ever, I’ve had competent, useful editorial help—in itself a phenomenon worthy of mention. Consistently supportive, insightful, and efficient, Nick Courtright and his staff leave no literary or practical stone unturned. 

From Daphne Birkmyer author of COMFREY, WYOMING: Marcela's Army

I was hesitant to let go of the constraint of the formal query letter, written just so to snare an agent—an agent who would try to pitch my book to a traditional publisher—a traditional publisher who would dictate the particulars of my book. One agent suggested I change my title and cut a hundred pages, two others asked for my full manuscript and never got back to me. When I complained to author friends this was taking a very long time, they laughed and said—try years and years. They said be prepared to give up a lot of control to the agent and publisher because they hold all the cards if you’re a new author trying to break through.

I get it. In the competitive world of publishing and book promotions, the number of authors and manuscripts far outweigh the number of agents and their readers. One reader told me the agent she worked for routinely purged her email of query letters whenever there got to be too many. It may be that you sink your heart and soul into a query letter and it never even gets seen.

But I now consider my impatience a blessing. If I had become locked into a yearlong contract with an agent, there is no guarantee that agent would have found a publisher. I could have cooled my heels for a year before being released back into a pool of tens of thousands of authors also looking for representation.

Fortune smiled on me when I found Nick Courtright and Atmosphere Press.  Working with Nick’s team of experts, I have been able to get my book to market. I felt welcomed, heard and respected. The editor assigned to me was immensely helpful. The cover designer worked with me to come up with a cover exactly as I had envisioned it. Nick guided the process, responding to my questions quickly, thoroughly, and with warmth and humor.

I could not be happier I chose to work with Atmosphere Press, and I intend to work with them for the next book in my series.

From Zach MacDonald author of Itsuki

With this being the first novel that I was looking to put out into the world, I wasn’t yet sure what direction to take when Atmosphere Press offered to be my publisher. After my first call with Nick Courtright, who was personable, open, and genuinely knew my book, I felt confident that this was the right choice for me.

Nick paired me with an excellent developmental editor, Kyle McCord. I valued Kyle’s insight into my characters and the plot, and our discussions thereof were some of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of the whole process. He offered great advice and provided his full reasoning alongside all editing suggestions, ultimately leaving it to me to proceed as I best saw fit. With Kyle’s help, I believe my book became much stronger than when I first submitted the manuscript.

For the cover, Nick encouraged me to send along any ideas or preferences I had for it, which he passed on to the artist. What the artist came back with was better looking than anything I’d envisioned, yet captured the essence and feel that I was hoping for. I’m more than pleased with both the front and back covers of the novel.

Throughout the whole process, Nick stayed in touch, guiding me from one stage to the next, always responding promptly when anything came up, and embodying Atmosphere’s stated mission of honesty, transparency, professionalism and kindness. I felt consistently in control of my work, while being supported by a conscientious and committed team. I’m very glad to have partnered with Atmosphere on this journey.

From Dan Nelson author of Minnesota

As a seasoned (read “old”) author of academic tomes, I’d accumulated substantial experience with diffident publishers, non-caring and careless editors, and bizarre contractual binds enough to leave anyone’s head needing serious therapy. Hence, when a trusted colleague and de-facto mentor, Barry D. Amis, reported to me his positive experiences with Atmosphere Press, I was more than curious when exploring potential publishers for my long-in-gestation second volume of poetry.

Reading online about their bold new vision for publishing, and then speaking directly with Atmosphere’s founder and executive editor Nick Courtright, plus chatting online and via phone calls with a few of the firm’s authors, convinced me that Barry was correct. This was the place for MINNESOTA and OTHER POEMS.  Accommodating is the word that I’ve used most often to describe my experience with Atmosphere, not to mention supportive and encouraging. 

Since my collection of poetry has accompanying illustrations by Jarett Walen, there were a few complexities, all handled readily by Nick with admirable good cheer. And, as a highly regarded poet himself, Nick really wants to make the genre work in publication. As an editor on my project, Nick assigned Kyle McCord, also a published poet, whose ability to sense what I needed was gentle guidance and suggestion to bring out thematic consistency in the collection. Much appreciated!

In short, I could not be more pleased with my decision to follow in the footsteps of Barry Amis and go with Atmosphere.

From Hans Krichels author of Willie Knows Who Done It

Who woulda thunk it? After many years of publishing stuff up here in Maine – news reports, weird stories, letters-to-editors, the occasional screed, and even a few of my story-poems – an old friend put me in touch with Nick Courtright, and it took Nick down there in Texas, along with his most excellent editor, Alexis Kale, to recognize the cumulative value in a collection of these writings – Reports from the Byways of Maine, as they came to be called.

What struck me most about Nick, and then Alexis, was the enthusiasm in their approach to this project. I raised my kids to value that above all else, enthusiasm (literally: from the gods). Basking in that, I encountered a degree of editorial excellence rare in the world today. How many slip-ups, errors and awkward moments did I discover on my own only to find that Alex had beaten me to the punch? How many suggestions did I resist and fume at in my treehouse (ya’ gotta read the book) only to wind up nodding my head and relishing the changes?

So thank you to Nick and to Alex and to all the good folks down there at Atmosphere Press. And a final thanks to Nick for the book design itself. He really is good at that stuff. I fought him tooth and nail on the colors, preferring greens and blues to the purples and oranges of his choosing. And then Fall came to the woodlands of Maine, and the leaves on my great oak tree turned to a burnished orange, and I thanked Nick for the freshness of his vision.

From Anne Krebbs  author of Buried Treasure

Nick and the crew at Atmosphere Press have been completely amazing at helping me achieve my dream of becoming a published children’s book author.  His professionalism and dedication to the vision I sent him has gone above and beyond my expectations. I can’t wait to start on my next book!  I encourage you to take your next step with Atmosphere Press as well.

From Nicole Zelniker author of Letters I'll Never Send

The writing process is so intimidating, and Atmosphere Press makes it just a tiny bit less stressful. Atmosphere Press walks you through everything – from editing to post-publishing – and really take your opinions as the author into consideration. I worked primarily with Nick Courtright and Cammie Finch, and they were both super supportive. I would definitely recommend them to any author, new to publishing or not.

From Barb Braendlein author of Olive

“Holding my book in my hands was an experience I dreamed about for years. And while I had been prepared for and received my share of rejections when I took to writing, nothing prepared me for what it would be like to work with a truly exceptional publisher! At every step of the process, Atmosphere Press demonstrated their experience, skill, and passion, and to have all of that working hard for me as an author was an amazing experience. Nick is a brilliant combination of professional and kind. He connected me with an editor I loved working with, and with a cover artist who brought my vision for the book to life. I cannot say enough good things about Atmosphere Press!

From Laurel Schmidt author of How to Be Dead: A Love Story

I want you to know that the editing process with Kyle was surprising–he takes a minimalist approach, making a few comments or asking broad questions that really made me think. As an editor, Kyle clearly understood that the right observation was like pulling a thread in a tapestry. It had consequences throughout the entire manuscript. He was also available throughout the process, for any query, big or small. His answers were prompt and thorough, including examples to illustrate his point if necessary. Everything Kyle did was incredibly helpful in shaping the final story and yet I feel full ownership. And he has a very positive voice. So I can say without hesitation that I loved the whole experience.

From Stewart Bellus author of Moments of Truth

Working with Atmosphere Press was a pleasure from beginning to end. Every editor, designer and marketing specialist was smart, prompt and pleasant, and the overall process was so organized that I never felt the usual frustration of waiting months for the “next step.” I write fiction mostly for the pleasure of writing itself, so for me, having so many talented people handle the multiple stages of creating a book and getting it into the marketplace, while still allowing me to make all final decisions, was a perfect fit. 

From Steve King author of Yellow on Blonde

What so impressed me about Atmosphere Press is that their approach is a wonderful team effort! I probably dealt with 6 persons, each with a different specialty—and everyone went 100% to deal with the different aspects of my book. Atmosphere is a truly excellent company!

One more thing and probably the most important thing: Atmosphere really cares about their writers. As we know in the real world, many companies do not and are just interested in profits. Atmosphere is such an exception to this milieu!

From Judith Cohen author of Never Be Normal

Very helpful editing from Cammie. Impressive book cover. Lots of ideas about outreach. I am a published writer who wanted to collect work from many years and make it available to a wider audience. I am not looking to make money or for career advancement so this was a very good choice for me.

From Dan Conger author of A Walk Through the Wilderness

Working with Atmosphere was a very proactive and intuitive process. Since my manuscript was so far along at the time we began speaking, perhaps my process was more simple than others. However, I have been very pleased with the communication and workmanship throughout this process.

From Scott McVey author of Lines in the Water

I was really fortunate to find Nick and Atmosphere Press. Lines in the Water is my first novel and every step of the way has been a learning experience. Sometimes the learning came through the old school of hard knocks. But once I made the connection with Atmosphere Press, the process was smooth and efficient. Their services were exactly what I needed. I was very frustrated by the traditional process but I do like this approach. It was certainly right for me. I look forward to continuing this partnership!

From Jo McAdams author of Livin' on the Edge: A Guide to Your Abundance Seeds

Thank you Nick and your whole crew for what you have made possible! From the beginning of sending in my manuscript to the end of the day of publication you have made it a very smooth and enjoyable ride. I really do appreciate everything you guys made possible!

As far as I’m concerned, the world should slap an S on the chest of each of you guys and hand you a cape! 

From Clem Fiorentino  author of The Quintessents

Wow! What can I say? “The Quintessents” by Clem Fiorentino was a 1,000-page manuscript. They didn’t blink.

And now, more than 140,000 words later, I am speechless. Perhaps the greatest compliment I could give these guys.  I am humbled. Overwhelmed. And yes, blessed to have found them and for their decision to work with me on my opus.

There are no words to describe their consummate professionalism and outright wizardry. The whole experience was stunning and staggering. And this book is nothing short of awesome.

And, lest we forget, the unabashed enthusiasm displayed by Nick, the publisher, and Kyle, the editor, each of whom “grooved” to vastly different elements and characters. Nick was attracted to the five formidable female protagonists and Kyle thought I should have started out with more emphasis on Michael, the neurotic “Touch Healer” and his relationship with Annie. Everyone, of course, loved Twyla.   

Bottom line, Atmosphere Press is the place to be. Go for it!!!!!

From Marcia Drut-Davis author of What?! You Don't Want Children?: Understanding Rejection in the Childfree Lifestyle

I was very hesitant to use Atmosphere Press. However, after self-publishing my first book and trying again for the “real” publishers, I decided it was worth the risk.

At 77, I can’t wait for years to have rejection letters that could wall paper my living room!

From the moment my manuscript was accepted, I felt as if I was their only author. Such professional and caring support. So many answers given in a patient, timely way. So many helpful, supportive and intelligent suggestions.

Don’t get me wrong. Once they have done everything needed to have your book finished, you have work to do. They take you by the hand and very carefully teach what is needed.

I’ve done what they taught me. My book launch will be in a community Natural Foods Store I love. I thought this was a magical idea. So did the store owner.

My book is on the way to reaching the hearts I want supported. I am now saying this is a real publishing company! This is the company to choose.

From Randy Fair author of Memoirs of a Gay Teacher in the Deep South

My book has not even been released yet, and I am already getting a tremendous reaction beyond what I hoped for.  That’s a bit of a surprise because no one was willing to take a chance on this book.  I have to be extremely thankful to Nick Courtright for supporting me in this endeavor and for sticking with throughout the process. 

I can’t say enough about the staff at Atmosphere. My editor made the book much better through her direction, but she was also willing to let me make my own choices when we disagreed. The proofreader was quick, but also thorough. Cameron Finch has been tireless in her efforts to promote the book.  This book would not have been possible without Atmosphere!

From Stuart Silverman author of Report From the Sea of Moisture

It’s hard to think of anything Atmosphere Press hasn’t done to help turn my collection into a book. Consultation with an editor, Kyle, helped me organize the contents more effectively and sensibly than I’d originally managed. Nick Courtright’s cover suits the book to a T and he went along with correcting typos, minor and major, and mostly my fault, right up to the printing. Also, he has skilled professional people working with the writer to promote the finished product and get it out to the appropriate venues. ATMOSPHERE PRESS has been very good to me/for me.

From Kristine Brown author of Connie Undone

I started writing creatively in 2014, and in 2015, wrote a draft of a novel (or at least what I thought resembled a novel). I wanted to do something more concrete with the draft, while maintaining control of the project. Moreover, I was seeking a learning experience that would enable me to improve my writing and further cultivate my enthusiasm for literary fiction. With professionalism and grace, Atmosphere Press provided such an experience.

Nick was very thorough and encouraging throughout the publishing process, and connected me with Alex. She is a phenomenal editor, and her feedback was instrumental to the manuscript’s completion. She made potentially daunting tasks like reorganization much more approachable and was patient with me as I submitted my edits. Working with Alex was both educational and empowering!

I highly recommend Atmosphere Press if you’re looking for an author-friendly publisher. The team is efficient, responsive, and most importantly, collaborative. Indeed, these qualities are as admirable as they are rare.

From Paul Edmondson author of Great Spirit of Yosemite: The Story of Chief Tenaya

Nick Courtright and the team at Atmosphere Press, from the very first contact, have proved to be so supportive and accommodating with the production of my first novel. They handled all aspects with a re-assuring and professional approach. Their insightful advice stemmed through a first review, to amazing, transformational editorial help, to expert book layout and format, bringing my literary vision to a reality well beyond my expectations. All done through a friendly and positive experience, so needed for a first-time author. All queries and questions are handled sensitively and efficiently.

In addition to prose, my book includes maps, photos and poetry. Nick and the team went to great lengths to ensure that everything was in its right place, to produce an outstanding, beautifully-finished book, with a knock-out cover design.

I also availed of their website design offer and, again, this proved to be the correct decision for me. It is a well-constructed, attractive, and easy-to-navigate site. Evan Courtright has guided me patiently through the design, taking up my suggestions and offering those of his own. He has also patiently provided me with guidance on how to make my own changes to the site.

At all times, Atmosphere staff have been there for honest support, providing perceptive and encouraging advice. I unequivocally recommend Atmosphere Press.

From Miriam Malach author of All or Nothing

After more than thirteen years trying to get the book now known as “All or Nothing” published, having received not even the courtesy of a rejection, I contemplated an empty computer screen trying to decide how to move forward.  Suddenly a notice pops up that a certain publisher is interested in fiction.  I seem to remember that it came courtesy of Poets and Writers magazine.  Without a thought and no introduction, I submitted the manuscript. 

Within a week, I received notice of acceptance, which was followed with a talk with Nick Courtright.  After further thought because I had promised myself never to pay for publishing, I agreed to the conditions of contract.  This was followed by editing, styling, proofreading, art work, publicizing, all the benefits of a full publishing company, all done with care and understanding. Atmosphere Press and its staff are to be commended for their professionalism and courtesy and the beautiful book that has now gone on sale.

From Bonnie Griesemer author of Sadie and Charley Finding Their Way

As a recently retired, first-time published author, I felt encouraged and supported throughout the publishing process. Nick Courtright’s advice about getting started was invaluable and he paired me with the perfect editor for my work. Alex Kale took great care with my words and helped transform Sadie and Charlie Finding Their Way into something even more special to me while Cameron Finch was very helpful with the initial marketing. As for the cover, I was so appreciative of the care taken to ensure the finished product was representative of my words.

Fulfilling a childhood dream, Atmosphere Press has provided an avenue for my words to live on in the lives of strangers. Who could ask for anything more?

From Cathleen Cohen author of Etching the Ghost

It was delightful to work with the team at Atmosphere Press. Their enthusiasm and experience was clear from the start, which gave me confidence. Each step unfolded smoothly and with excellent guidance, from early conception to planning a cover to marketing. Not only was I thrilled with the collection of poems that resulted, I learned so much through the experience.

Nick is a consummate professional and he paired me with a talented editor, Trista Edwards. Cameron Finch, who heads the marketing team, was so helpful. The entire process was easy and proceeded quickly. I can’t recommend this publishing company enough.

From Betty Wall author of No Way Out

What I love about working with Atmosphere Press is the close collaboration between publisher and author.  From the time I submitted my manuscript and my first conversation with Nick, to the time I had the proof in my hand, was under six months.  Working with my assigned editor, copy editor and marketing assistant was and continues to be a pleasure.  Great attention is also paid to cover design.  Nothing is completed without author input and approval.  It is a wonderful collaboration.

From James Wollak author of Insight & Suitability

I’m a first-time published author of fiction, and my experience with Atmosphere Press has been wonderful!  I appreciate how positive, energetic, patient, and supportive everyone has been at every step of the way.

First, huge shout outs to Nick Courtright and Kyle McCord, the editor with whom Nick paired me.  Nick has shown a lot of interest in my novel from our first conversation up to the present time. Nick made a lot of great suggestions, and I’m glad that I took them.  I’ve always tried to give him whatever he needed from me at every stage of the process, and it’s really true that the author is in the driver’s seat here, getting to make decisions.  I really appreciate that, as well as Nick’s steady pace as he guided me along the journey to publication.  I appreciate his quick turnarounds, especially during the editing process, and his sense of humor.  I always look forward to our conversations!

Kyle gave me great suggestions for the manuscript, and I adopted all of them.  I really appreciate his support of nuance, the pace of the novel, and how focused and knowledgeable he is about Jane Austen in particular.  Kyle’s suggestions definitely made my novel a better one.  Like Nick, it’s wonderful to work with Kyle.

I can’t be happier with the cover art, the fonts, or the interior design overall!  The cover itself is just beautiful, precisely what I wanted, and which I’m sure will attract potential readers to check out the book.  I’m so glad Atmosphere is the one publishing my first novel!

From Kristy Peloquin author of Adrift

My experience with Atmosphere has been top notch. I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish, and Nick was able to help me achieve it faster and with more personalized attention than I think I would have gotten anywhere else. I queried him about my project back in May, we entered an editing process that took about a month, and then after that it was simply a matter of gathering cover art, receiving a proof copy and finalizing the book order and release.

I think one of the strengths of working with Nick is that he has a lot of experience in the writing industry, so his editorial feedback was extremely valuable – and efficient. I have worked with some editors who just never seemed to truly know what changes would be best for my work, so I wound up wasting a lot of time, money, and effort. Nick’s feedback was clear, concise, and fast. Communicating with him all around has been super easy, which is important to me. Every question was answered, every concern (however silly they might have been) addressed.

Atmosphere did a great job of formatting my book’s interior as well as the cover design. I hardly had to mess with that at all (other than put together my draft). I already had cover art, so Nick took that and created the cover design (title, etc.) to go with it. It looks great!

This was my first time using a publisher that was more non-traditional. The cost up-front was initially tough for me, but I can say now that it was hands down worth it. I should be able to recoup all of my investment costs, which is pretty amazing. After that, it will all be profit for me. For a poetry book to make even a dime is a real feat, so you can imagine my joy. I’m also excited to know that no one will be taking a cut of my profits going forward (except bookstores who may carry the book and of course, Amazon). If you sell your book through your website, you’ll see more profits.

A lot of smaller presses are moving in this non-traditional direction simply because the industry has gotten so antagonistic with authors. To me, there’s no reason anyone has to settle for the old model anymore, but that’s just my personal opinion.

From Gary Miller author of DEAD LEGENDS: On the Heels of the Earl: A Randal Murphy Mystery

My experience with Atmosphere Press was very positive. I always felt as if I was more than just the author. I became part of the publishing process. From editing to cover design to interior layout design, my input was valued by the staff I worked with. Together, we produced a finished product that we could all be proud of. Everyone I worked with was always patient, attentive, and responsive to my publication needs.

From John Vescera author of Chasing Corporate Compliance: Why Your Company is Playing Compliance Catch Up!

Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and creatively helpful. The team was always responsive and provided guidance and suggestions that made the book better.

From Barbara Mango, Ph.D. and Lynn Miller, authors of Convergence: The Interconnection of Extraordinary Experiences.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Nick Courtright and the talented staff at Atmosphere Press. Lynn and I were intent on working with an author-centric and collaborative publishing company. We were thrilled to partner with Atmosphere Press.  We cannot emphasize enough how author friendly Nick is.  His entire staff works tirelessly and in equal partnership with its authors-honoring their ideas and input.  This is a rarity in today’s world of publishing. 

We had a very specific vision for the book cover. Nick and his graphic designer graciously and patiently re-worked it several times to perfection! Alexis Kale is an incredible editor, and a joy to work with. Her keen insight and spot-on suggestions took our book to a new level. Associate editor Cameron Finch gave us numerous marketing ideas very specific and helpful to our genre.

Atmosphere delivers on exactly what it promises: an incredibly friendly, attentive, highly professional staff, totally focused on making the publishing experience a smooth and pleasurable experience. We have received many compliments on the book cover and interior design! We could not be happier. Our experience working with Nick and his staff was fantastic. We wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Atmosphere Press!

From Steven Armstrong author of Dragon Daughter

I spent time doing a fair bit of research on several publishers, but it was through connecting with other authors who had previously published with Atmosphere that got me to look closer. The result was overwhelmingly positive. I soon had my first conversation with Nick, whose attention and care for not only my work, but for me as an author and as a person, made me feel like I mattered. All of my questions were answered with a degree of transparency and warmth that I really appreciated.

Not only that, but throughout the process, which was made more challenging by the pandemic, and various personal crises, Nick and everyone I worked with on the team allowed me space and time to sort through things as I worked to get the manuscript together. There is a real, beating heart at the center of how Atmosphere works. People really care about the process and you as a person. Never once did it feel like I was a part of a machine building a product. The personal nature of my project was immediately understood and the team worked with me while holding that sensitivity, professionalism and genuine care, every step of the way.

I would highly recommend anyone even remotely curious, to take a look at what Atmosphere has to offer. They produce fantastic work and are just a wonderful group of kind people. And that is invaluable.

From Edwin Litts author of Adam's Roads

Check your anxiety at the door.  Undecided me, I communicated with Mr. Courtright for eight months before I decided to take the plunge.  During that time he answered every question I posed about the book business.  I was impressed with his knowledge, patience, and reassuring manner.  The staff at Atmosphere is remarkable as well.  I found their insight, suggestions, and professionalism to be helpful; a very competent and friendly bunch with whom to work. 

Atmosphere Press receives a full five stars out of five. I’m grateful that I chose them.  They take you under their wing.  They honestly do that.

From Jennifer Deaver author of The Traveler

I had a good feeling about Atmosphere Press from the first phone call with Nick. He knew my book’s characters and had really taken the time to read my story. After that, it was an easy choice for me to take the opportunity to work with Atmosphere Press.

Nick paired me with Victoria, an editor who shares the same passion as I do for the fiction genre of my book. Victoria was very encouraging. She gave great constructive feedback and provided me with ideas to help tie up the loose ends that my story had.

This was my first publishing adventure and both Nick and Victoria were very helpful and responsive to all questions I had.

From Lee Matthew Goldberg author of Orange City

Working with Nick and everyone at Atmosphere Press has been such a great experience. From the editing, to the wonderful cover design, I couldn’t be happier with how the final book turned out and highly recommend their press to any author.

From Garrett Socol author of The Unexpected Aneurysm of the Potato Blossom Queen

It isn’t easy to get a book published these days, and it’s especially difficult getting a collection of short stories published. Nick Courtright, however, is concerned with quality, imagination and good storytelling. He had faith in this collection from day one. I’ve worked with three other publishing companies on three different books, and no one was as professional, courteous and supportive as Nick and everyone at Atmosphere Press. The author really feels valued here. It’s the author’s opinion that matters most.

My experience with Nick and Atmosphere has been a truly positive, encouraging one, and the finished product looks absolutely great.

From Christina Loraine author of Interviews from the Last Days

There are several logical reasons why a writer would want to work with Atmosphere Press, but what can’t be spelled out in the FAQ section is the enthusiasm and passion that Nick Courtright and his team have for their work. I knew Atmosphere Press was the right place for my book after my first call with Nick! I write sci-fi poetry and I had a couple of quirky, unconventional ideas for how the book would look; those ideas were well received and Nick went the extra mile to ensure that everything came out perfectly polished in the end.

I was partnered with a stellar editor, Victoria McCullough. We had some very long phone calls and countless lengthy emails. I loved that she was into the sci-fi genre and really got my book. She found all the little threads that I’d left hanging and helped me tighten the story. Victoria was the perfect editor for this book, and the experience of working closely with a talented editor has made me a better writer!

I definitely recommend working with Atmosphere Press if you get the opportunity. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and the finished book!

From Kym Cunningham author of Difficulty Swallowing

The cover—it’s the first part of your book anyone sees and arguably the most important in terms of immediately grabbing a potential reader’s attention. But with most publishers, it’s also the facet of the book over which the author retains the least amount of control. Nothing could be farther from the case with Atmosphere Press.

Honestly, I could not be happier with my experience working with Atmosphere Press in general and Executive Editor Nick Courtright in particular. In regards to the cover, Nick offered many suggestions but when I went a different route, he completely supported me, working with me to ensure the final product accurately reflected my vision. This behavior held true for the totality of my experience. Atmosphere Press allowed me to completely control my work while offering helpful suggestions and tips along the way.

Whatever the question or issue, the editors were ready with answers and possible solutions. They talked me through rearranging the order of my essays and various other edits in order to produce a unified collection that I feel reflects myself as an author. I have recommended Atmosphere Press to many of my friends who are also authors, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

From Brock Mehler author of the oneness of Reality

When Atmosphere Press notified me that they would like to publish my collection of poetry, I didn’t really know what to expect. Three months and lots of emails later, I can say that it was a very good experience. Nick Courtright, the Executive Editor of Atmosphere, is a courteous, supportive, and creative person who shepherded the work through the editing process, cover design and interior layout with great patience and expertise.

The end result was a book that, viewed solely as an object, was very well crafted and aesthetically pleasing. Considered in a more expansive context, Atmosphere brought my creative idea to manifestation and connected it to the world at large (at a relatively modest cost). That I retained all of my rights to the work and came away with a beautifully-made book which will remain available for purchase to anyone on the planet pretty much in perpetuity are, for me, matters of significant value, and I could not have been more pleased!

From Carol Egmont St. John author of Such a Nice Girl

Such a Nice Girl was edited and produced by Atmosphere Press in 2017.  As the author I am compelled to write about the positive experience of working with Nick Courtright and his staff.  He was respectful, sensitive and constructive to this writer. In no way did his suggestions alter my style or objectives, and in every way improved the result.  Nick understands the book the way a mechanic knows his car. He wants it to run smoothly and he wants the parts to work. As an editor, he was clear and precise, expedient and responsive.  I am so glad that I took the advice of another editor who directed me to the Atmosphere Press website.  Thanks to Nick Courtright’s wisdom, my book looks professional, reads well and has caused me a great deal of satisfaction.

From Lynda Bayada author of Leaving the Ladder: An Ex-Corporate Girl's Guide from the Rat Race to Fulfilment

From the start, I felt Nick and Atmosphere Press had faith in me. And as a newly-fledged author I’ve realized just how important that is.

Throughout the process, Nick was honest, transparent and provided sound feedback. And although he would never coax me into anything I didn’t love, Nick had a gentle way of offering perspective. (He was always right, by the way!) All of this was done with a sense of humor too, which is always welcome.

Not only was Nick technically a great editor, he was a fantastic cover designer. My love for beautiful things is no secret and he was able to create something really beautiful without much to’ing and fro’ing, which I understand is a real gift when tackling anything creative.

Overall, Nick made everything feel easy. I was super happy working with Nick and Atmosphere Press and would highly recommend them and their process to anyone.

From Larry Levy author of What Outlives Us and All the Dead Are Holy

After shopping a similar poetry manuscript to several other publishers, without success, I was fortunate to discover Atmosphere Press and, most importantly, Nick Courtright.

After submitting a cover letter and a few sample poems, Nick replied within a few weeks, and from that first contact I knew things would go well.  In addition to being a well-established poet himself, Nick is an unfailingly astute and encouraging editor.

Over the next several months he offered many honest observations and suggestions about every aspect of my manuscript, which poems to include or set aside; revisions possibilities; possible ordering, arrangements, titles, and subtitles; options for the cover and the placement of reader reviews–and more. We exchanged many emails.  I felt he was always available with insight and invaluable advice, that his goal was identical to mine, to create the best book possible for myself and for potential readers. That the book has been well-received owes much to Nick Courtright.  I would welcome working with him again and hope to do so.

From Ciaran McLarnon author of New Shores

Atmosphere Press produces high quality books. It was important to me that my book maintained the high standards within the publishing industry. I would consider using the service again, and would recommend it to anyone who feels they don’t need the investment of a traditional publisher. The additional editing was valuable, the design and printing was speedy and I enjoyed the level of control I had. Marketing was excellent and straightforward, even for a novice like me! Thanks to Atmosphere Press for a positive experience that will serve me well in the future.

From Pamela Laskin author of The Lost Language of Crazy

This has been a wonderful experience from start to finish. When Kirkus Review gave my book a starred review, that was the icing on the cake. Cammie was a superb editor; the design team created a magnificent cover and everyone was consistently open to my suggestions. I would absolutely recommend Atmosphere to people. I am so proud of the book Atmosphere has helped to create. My launch, last evening, proved my enthusiasm; everyone loved the book and thought it was beautiful.

From Sandra Fox Murphy author of That Beautiful Season & Let the Little Birds Sing

Participating in some short-story workshops, in 2016, with WriteByNight, I inquired about some coaching to improve my writing and hit the jackpot when I was assigned to Nick Courtright.  I found that we worked well together, that he’s always positive yet gives forthright feedback and suggestions, consistently supporting the author’s art.  His insights were both helpful and inspiring, both on my prose and my poetry.

My first venture with Atmosphere Press was when they agreed to publish my second novel, and the process was smooth and professional. I provided family artwork for the book cover, and Nick created a stunning design that both brought the Eastern Shore landscape to life and honored my great-great-grandmother’s art.

As I finalized my third novel, the first of a series, I explored other publishing options, but quickly came to the easy decision that working with Atmosphere Press was my comfortable place. So far, this journey has been as carefree as my last publishing experience. Kudos to the talent at Atmosphere Press and its staff, and many thanks to them for allowing me more time to create while I can rely on a stand-out final product.

From Kyle McCurry author of The Tempter's Bane

At first, I was planning to self-publish my first book, The Fleeing Company, and avoid a publisher out of worry that any publishing company I worked with might put their fingerprints on my story, and that by the time it was published, my story would be far different from what I had first intended.  For about a year I was working with WriteByNight on my story, and when it was almost ready for editing, I learned about Atmosphere Press from them and thought that it might be worth trying. After talking to Nick Courtright, I decided to try publishing my book through Atmosphere rather than on my own. I was quite happy with the decision.

The one quality about Atmosphere that stands out is that while they do give their input in every aspect of putting the book together, the author is still given the freedom to choose what kind of cover they want, what to write for the synopsis, and other aspects like illustrations. This I think is what any author would and should want in a publisher. For my book cover, I was allowed to illustrate my own cover, but also with Nick’s suggestions on what would and would not work well. I also had control over the story and was able to keep it how I intended. The synopsis I was able to write myself, and then Nick put his own touches on it.

Throughout the whole process Nick was always available and helpful. Whenever I had questions he typically answered promptly, and now even after my book was published, Atmosphere has been available and very helpful in discounting prices when needed, telling how the distribution process works, marketing tips, and more. For an aspiring author who wants to have freedom and control over all the aspects of their book but also receive input from an experienced publisher, I would recommend Atmosphere Press. I am very glad I decided to work with Nick and Atmosphere and am thankful for the work they have done.

From Karahn Washington author of The Escapist

Nick is really passionate about the publishing process. He listened to me and guided me through the process. I never felt left out in the dark about anything. He paired me with an editor. With her help, I was able to vastly improve my first novel and also improve myself as a writer. The Atmosphere Press said yes (twice) when others said no. The Atmosphere Press gave me control over how to do the projects. However, I trusted their guidance and am pleased with the result. I am looking forward to working with Atmosphere Press on my future projects.

From Robin D’Amato author of Somebody’s Watching You

At first, I was skeptical. A publisher, contacting me? And it was an Indie publisher. How far could my book go? I was pleasantly surprised. This was my first novel, and Nick Courtright and his team were incredibly helpful and patient. The cover design was terrific, the editing was exceptional, the editing process was a great experience, and the marketing staff really got my book out there. Plus, everyone I worked with there was a fan of the book! I felt valued as a writer. I’m so happy I put my skepticism aside and went with Atmosphere. 

From Paul Liebow author of AurorasOver Avadia

Finding Nick was incredibly fortuitous, as I knew nothing about editing and publishing poetry, and almost nothing about poetic theory or the poetry writing process. I did know there were websites all over the internet that purported to be run by experts but to beware.

I greatly enjoyed my phone sessions with Nick and sensed a spiritual kinship almost immediately. With his honest criticism, I was able to peruse and understand enough poetic theory to realize that my work did indeed have potential. I had organized my 20+ years of poetic ramblings into 8 chapbooks. When Nick rearranged those into 4 sections, the dye was cast. I had always compulsively tried to include every image in my menagerie, though I theoretically knew very well that “less is more.” His edits to my work taught me that a poem is a photograph, not a motion picture, and to never throw anything away.

I now look forward to spending a summer or two sittin on the dock of the bay and trying to sell a few books to the 3,000,000 yearly visitors to Acadia National Park. A dream come true!

The Next Step Cover Final

From Kyle Grappone author of To The Next Step

Atmosphere Press was a true partner in every sense of the word. He kept me in the loop and answers all of my questions every step of the way. Nick knows what an author is looking for and needs to be successful. I would highly recommend Atmosphere Press to any new or veteran author looking for a true publishing partner. the perfect publishing choice for my book. Nick

From Cristina Baptista author of Taking Her Back

When I embarked on the whaleship project that would become Taking Her Back, I knew that, were I to publish this collection one day, it would take a special kind of publisher who saw something of value in a somewhat lengthy poetic rumination about the immigrant experience—particularly among Portuguese people—aboard a whaleship. Taking Her Back is even dedicated to the 1841 ship Charles W. Morgan, which is probably an unusual choice for a dedication but the one I knew made sense for my work. A year after I completed Taking Her Back, I submitted it to various publishers, manuscript contests, open reading periods, and the like. It was, I was told, a “hard sell”—a poetry collection about a minority group in the US and their relationship with the ocean. It’s full of seafaring jargon and Lusophonic references. And it pivots between internal reflections and “what if” moments that put readers in the mind and hands of sailors.

Six years’-worth of submissions later, I am thrilled for Taking Her Back to have found a home in Atmosphere Press. Acquisitions Director Kyle McCord was a champion of my work from the beginning. From his enthusiastic emails to lively phone call discussion that convinced me not only had he read my manuscript but he knew it well, I knew Taking Her Back was in good hands. Acquisitions Editor Trista Edwards is detail-oriented and attentive to every line-break, punctuation mark, and spacing on the page. Her mentorship as I worked through various drafts of Taking Her Back made me feel like I was her only client, and her patience in walking me through other ideas or potential revisions was always encouraging. Then there’s Cameron Finch, Book Publicity Director, whose email messages and phone conversations always felt warm, supportive, and exciting. I always felt reenergized to reread my work, after talking to Cammie, as we prepared it for the final stretch. And Founder and CEO, not to mention book cover designer, Nick Courtright was always there to answer questions, consider feedback, throw around ideas for cover art, and listen and respond to any concerns I had.

I never had to wait for any response to emails or phone calls. I always felt like Atmosphere’s team had my back by always having my book’s back, so to speak. Positivity and passion run deep in the veins of this publishing team—and who doesn’t want such qualities to be the lifeline ushering someone’s written labor of love into the hands of others? In short, when you work with Atmosphere Press, you feel like you have a whole team of book lovers standing on the sidelines, cheering you and your work onward.

I’ve worked with other small and independent publishers before and Atmosphere Press is the most professional, keen, and invested team I’ve encountered. They are a devoted team of scholars, writers, readers and, most significantly, big fans of others’ work. If you’re seeking a home for a book that you hope to be taken seriously, read thoughtfully, and championed from beginning to end, Atmosphere Press is the perfect fit. When you have writers supporting writers, too, you know your work will be shown the care you know it deserves.

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