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Love, Life, and Literature: An Interview with Kirsten Pursell, author of Long Enough to Love You

Kirsten Pursell is an American author and sometimes blogger. Released on January 1, 2023, Long Enough to Love You is her fourth book. Previous works include her memoir, On Becoming Me: Memoir of an 80s Teenager, released in 2021, and two other novels: Harvard and Company Clown. Her memoir has been #1 on Amazon’s Women’s Biographies and Memoirs and Company Clown has been #1 in Satire Fiction and Two-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads. Her books were downloaded over 10,000 times in 2022. She resides in Oceanside, California.

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Long Enough to Love You, by Kirsten Pursell

Jenn, fifty-something and empty-nesting, feels like a donut: whole on the outside but missing the middle. The deafening sound of silence in the picture-perfect, oversized home she shares with a husband who does not see her makes the voices arguing in her head hard to ignore. One voice tells her to stay because safe and simple is good; another says leave so you can be the version of yourself not defined by others. The thought of ever after without happily feels like purgatory.

The chance discovery of her long-forgotten diaries unearths memories of a first love long buried, reminders that the most beautiful love is sometimes wasted on the young. Her words become a very real reminder of everything first love had been when she reconnects with Tripp in unexpected ways.

Long Enough to Love You by Kirsten Pursell follows Jenn – a courageous yet vulnerable protagonist – as she dissects and unpacks her marriage in an emotional journey to stay true to herself despite societal norms and middle-age stereotypes that would suggest otherwise.

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Writing Young Adult Fantasy Novels

In the realm of young adult fantasy, writers hold the power to transport readers to fantastical realms where anything is possible. From the towering spires of enchanted castles to the depths of uncharted oceans teeming with mythical creatures, the canvas upon which these tales are painted knows no bounds. But crafting a compelling young adult fantasy novel requires more than just a vivid imagination; it demands careful planning, skillful world-building, and an understanding of the unique elements that resonate with readers in this genre.

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An Interview with Annie Hayes-Allan, author of Now You See Us, Now You Don’t

Over the last year, coming back to writing after a long health and caring forced break, I have had a poem, articles and letters printed in The Writers’ Forum Magazine, before its closure, and short stories shortlisted. I have entered various competitions with NYC Midnight and took part in Mary Adkins’ 10,000 Words in 10 Days Challenge. I am currently doing a creative non-fiction course with Nicole Breit.

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An Interview with Ingrid Jendrzejewski, author of Love and Bayes’ Theorem

Ingrid received a BFA in Creative Writing and BA in English Literature at the University of Evansville before going on to earn a BA and MSci in Natural Sciences (Physics) at the University of Cambridge. At the University of Evansville, she served as Non-fiction Editor, then Editor-in-Chief of the Evansville Review. Ingrid currently serves as Co-Director of the UK’s National Flash Fiction Day, Editor-in-Chief of FlashFlood, and a consultant for The Prose Poem.

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Elegant Authenticity: An Interview with Janine Dennis, author of The Absurdity of Doing You

Janine is the Owner/Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC, a multidisciplinary business strategy and management consulting firm. Her career spans eighteen years in HR, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Management that has taken her through the world of pharmaceuticals, the arts, K-12 education, technology, private equity, healthcare, staffing, and R&D, just to name a few sectors she has worked in. Janine is a dynamic speaker, entrepreneur, and an important and respected voice bringing both a human touch and business savvy to the companies and businesses she works with.

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Sparrows and Selections: An Interview with Jerry Lovelady, author of Grief and Her Three Sisters

I am a 68-year-old native Texas poet who has lived many different lives. I have resided in Texas most of my adult life, but for some years I made my home in the great states of Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, California, and Arizona. I grew up in a small, conservative community in East Texas in the 1960s and was greatly influenced by the Anti-Vietnam War and Civil Rights movements

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I Got You, by Angie Wren

Sometimes yucky-day-havin’ mamas get lucky enough to find the perfect addition to their life when they least expect it.

Join Mama as she makes her way through this real-life inspired journey that starts with a bad day—but doesn’t stay that way for long. When Mama finds the courage to peek under a noisy lumpy blanket, she finds a reason to forget about her bad day and enjoy happier days than she’s ever known.

I Got You is a book about the instant love between a mother and child that just might broaden the brush used to paint the picture of what the miracle of motherhood can look like. This sweet mommy-and-me story incorporates a silly song, beautiful illustrations, and a deep, meaningful message that is sure to connect with readers of any age.

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I Am Not Young And I Will Die With This Car In My Garage, by Blake Rong


The speakers in Blake Z. Rong’s gorgeous debut, I Am Not Young and Will Die with This Car in My Garage, inhabit a world emptied of people but haunted by distorted memories of human contact. As Rong writes, “The city becomes human in its unraveling.” This is a poetry of place; the poems span the globe—Singapore, Miami, New York and Dalian—but each place just reminds the reader of what’s missing. Can poetry fill the loss? Read and find out.
-Joanna Fuhrman, author of To A New Era and other books

Blake Z. Rong’s debut is a feat—and without a doubt a must-read. Rong’s honesty, tenderness, humor, awe and wonder at the world, and attention to detail come through in a way where the speaker is us—or a friend we’ve known for a long time. For instance, the lines, “Down on the street all you gorgeous bodies/vibrate against each other like/supercharged miracles” are unforgettable and gorgeous. So much of the book is full of lines that are beautiful but also starkly honest, such as “There are no off-world colonies.” The book ultimately leaves me having just enough but always wanting more of these words, this insight.
-Joanna C. Valente, author of A LOVE STORY and other books

“There are particular American cruelties / hard-wired into our veins. Watch me, / just watch me / catch this rubber bullet between my teeth.” Blake Z. Rong’s debut collection of poems is a visceral, lyrical, and unflinching look at where we are as a country, who we are when we dare to love, and what happens when we fall short. Rong’s collection is a timely, imaginative story of coming of age in the 21st century as young Americans find themselves torn apart by economic strife, imperialism, racism, social isolation, gun violence, and cultural dislocation. And yet, in that dangerous world, the speakers of these poems defy stigma, forge human connections, and love across cultures and histories
despite taboos. These speakers are unafraid to embrace their beautiful and contradictory selves, and in doing so, they create a vision for the future that’s startling, original, and sublimely human in its intent. A must-read debut.
-Rita Banerjee, author of Echo in Four Beats and CREDO: An Anthology of Manifestos and Sourcebook for Creative Writing

In his debut full-length collection, Blake Z. Rong attempts to answer the following questions:

What do doomed cosmonauts think about as they plummet to Earth?
Has a bird ever pooped on your pizza?
Did Van Gogh ever get laid?

I Am Not Young And I Will Die With This Car In My Garage is a chronicle of failures. These grandiose failures take place across time and space and distance, from Singapore to Tokyo to Disneyland, and onward to the end of the world. Through these 37 poems Rong alights on our deepest longings, the darkest results of loneliness, and our inability to hold on to the people we love most.

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An Interview with David VanDevelder

I was born on Mexican Independence Day in Mexico City, Mexico. From the age of three, I grew up in the lush, sun-dappled zombie headquarters of Alexandria Virginia, where I promptly forgot all of my Spanish during an intensive program of simultaneous civic and religious indoctrination from the brightest and most delightfully psychopathic in the military establishment and the Virginia Diocese of the Episcopal Church. As soon as I was able to cover myself in enough zombie slime to effect a forward escape, I embarked with heroic earnest on an epic journey with no clear final destination in mind.

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An Interview with Ken Hogarty

Dr. Ken Hogarty, who lives in San Francisco’s East Bay with his wife Sally, retired after a forty-six-year career as a high school teacher and principal. He has had stories, essays, memoirs, and comedy pieces published in Underwood, Sport Literate, Sequoia Speaks, Cobalt, Woman’s Way, Purpled Nails, the S.F. Chronicle, MacQueen’s, Bridge Eight, Under Review, Points in Case, Robot Butt, Glossy News, Kelp Journal, The Satirist, and Good Old Days. His novel, Recruiting Blue Chip Prospects, launched to good reviews.

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An Interview with Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen had his first poem published in the PTA Newsletter at the age of ten. He graduated from Farmingdale High School (where he was Poetry Editor of The Bard), Vassar College (with a BA in English), and UC at Davis Medical School. He was then a Primary Care physician, teacher, and Chief of Primary Care at the VA. He has over the years had letters to the editor in Poetry and The New Yorker and articles in the American and New England Journals of Medicine, and has had 178 poems published in ninety venues over the past three years. He’s been married to his wife, Anita, for forty-two years, and they’ve been living in Eugene, OR, these past twelve.

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An Interview with Judith Partelow

Partelow is an actress and director who has appeared in multiple theatrical productions, readings and films over the years. She has developed a play entitled NEIGHBORS! on the impact of racism in our community and society. It was written in collaboration with other writers of diverse backgrounds. It is available to be used by schools, churches and any other organizations wanting to stimulate discussion on this very difficult topic.

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sorrel guest post

The Inside Scoop on an Outsider Scribe

Outsider art is created by those who don’t fit it. Or those who choose not to. Being true to one’s spirit brings me to my writer’s dilemma – highfalutin words: love ’em or leave ’em? Scribblers, decide how much of your authentic self you wish to expose, how commercially viable you may or may not be, and what kind of legacy you wish to bestow upon the world.

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An Interview with Carmi Philander

As both a passionate reader and writer, I’m at my happiest when I’m not confined to the real world, either a novel or a pen clasped in my hands. I’m a fan of pretty much every fictional genre, from YA to poetry. At fourteen, I had published a children’s book of twenty-five short stories, yet I haven’t really received much recognition as an author—not on a significant scale, that is. I’m currently entering myself into as many writing competitions as possible, hoping to slide the spotlight onto my work, to inspire others to chase after their dreams no matter their circumstances. There’s nothing that would hurt me quite as badly as to witness others—especially the youth—wasting their time by daydreaming instead of doing what God intended them to do. I pray that I may reach success and that my generation would follow suit.

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An Interview with Melissa Grindon

Melissa is a Liverpool-based writer and spoken word artist, originally from Ireland. Her main area of interest is historical fiction and contemporary drama. Melissa also holds a First Class MA in Writing from Liverpool John Moores University, along with a First Class BA in Dance from Liverpool Hope University. Previously, she has been published with the University of Oxford’s “Oxford Scientist” and with Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse Theatres “Love Liverpool”. After winning WOW’s Pulp Idol 2021, a competition with judges from Harper North (an imprint of HarperCollins), Melissa has completed her debut novel, Cabbage Babies, and her first poetry collection, Everything Grows When You Bury It, both of which are in the process of querying for publication.

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An Interview with Pam McGaffin

Pam McGaffin is the award-winning author of The Leaving Year (SparkPress, 2018). She is a former journalist who returned to her original passion of writing fiction after a long career in newspapers and public-relations. Her short stories have appeared in online literary journals, and her articles and essays have been featured in newspapers and magazines. She and her family live in Seattle, where there are many crows.

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An Interview with N. Thomas Padilla

N. Thomas Padilla has been under the sway of literature since reading Indian Two Feet and His Horse when he was six. When asked by his mother’s friends what he wanted to be when he grew up, little six year old Tommy said, “An author!” to the delight and giggles of the ladies present. His passion found a path to an English degree from several institutions. He has taught writing and literature at the high school and college level since 1995. He is happily married to his wife Joan, and they have four beautiful children and four grandchildren, so far. Travel and live music keep Tom buys when he does not have his nose in a book or a laptop, working on his latest writing. He has self-published a book of short stories, Ite, Missa Est: Stories from the Edge of Faith, and he has two novels completed and seeking publishers.

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