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fictional fathers

Writing Fictional Fathers

Father characters can be some of the most compelling figures in literature. They often serve as pillars of strength, sources of wisdom, or, in some cases, complex figures with their…

Curating Epigraphs for Literary Impact

As writers, we constantly seek ways to enhance our stories and captivate our readers from the very first page. One powerful tool to achieve this is the epigraph. An epigraph—a…
intimate scene sensitivity

Writing Intimate Scenes with Sensitivity

As writers, we often find ourselves tasked with portraying intimate and romantic scenes that are not only engaging but also respectful and realistic. These moments of vulnerability can be powerful…
epistolary novels

The Art of Writing Epistolary Novels

As writers, we are continually seeking innovative ways to tell stories and engage readers. One such approach is the epistolary novel, a narrative told through letters, diary entries, emails, or…
writing a book synopsis

Writing a Book Synopsis That Sells

Creating a Standout Synopsis In the journey from manuscript to published book, writing a book synopsis is one of the most crucial steps. This condensed summary of your novel is…
Even Pro Writers Need Pro Editors 1

Even Pro Writers Need Pro Editors

So, you’ve finished your book. You’ve edited it yourself. You’ve combed through every word at least ten times and it couldn’t be more perfect. Your genius has been perfectly captured…
Author Mindset 1

Author Mindset: Overcoming Self-Doubt

As an author, it's not uncommon to feel like an imposter or doubt your abilities. The creative process can be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, and it's easy…

An Interview with Lucineh Danielian

Lucineh is the proud author of Lost Souls, published earlier this year. She is of British and French nationality and of Armenian descent. Lucineh has been an educator for nearly…

An Interview with Ricardo Moran

Ricardo Moran’s writing has been published or is forthcoming in Beatific Magazine, Cider Press Review, Midwest Quarterly, Perceptions Magazine, East Jasmine Review, The Seattle Star, and Willa Cather Review. Ricardo…