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This is it: a chance to be alongside Atmosphere’s award-winning and bestselling titles, while working hand-in-hand with our experienced and well-credentialed team to bring your project from raw manuscript all the way to a polished artifact in readers’ hands. You will have a truly personal first-class publishing experience, as this is the offering that’s led to our mountain of author success stories. Our author-friendly hybrid publishing contract includes all of the following benefits.

What you will receive:

  • Editorial & Proofreading

    Two feature developmental editorial meetings and two rounds of professional proofreading. Your writing will sparkle.

  • Bespoke Design

    Top-notch and current cover design aligned with your aesthetic, and spotless interior layout and design. Your book will look great.

  • Global Distribution

    Print and fulfillment through Ingram and KDP for print-on-demand and ebook. Your book will be available.

  • Marketing & Promotion

    One-on-one campaign advice, bookstore database, social media promotion, and author connect. Your book will be discovered.

  • An Expert Team

    Editors, designers, publicists, audiobook specialists, web designers, problem-solvers....You will know people with answers.

What we guarantee:

  • 100% Ownership Rights

    You maintain complete ownership of your writing and your book, and any versions that result from it. Your book will belong to you.

  • Final Say Over Content

    We won't twist your arm on edits, and we won't go to press with a cover you don't approve. Your book will be what you want.

  • Very Favorable Royalties

    You receive 90% of the proceeds from sales, with Atmosphere receiving just 10%. You will benefit most if your book is a hit.

  • An Honest Publishing Contract

    Our publishing contract (see below!) is straightforward, with no bad faith or surprise fees. You will be able to trust the process.

  • A Rewarding Experience

    Our team is dedicated to this being a meaningful author journey for you. You will learn, be proud, and have a good time.

Step 1

You Make an Investment

Step 2

We Contact You with Next Steps

Step 3

We Make a Beautiful Book Together

Let's get started!

Our standard publishing contract is $5500. Most authors invest $2000 up front, which is the threshold at which editorial and cover design work begins. The next payment of $2000 is then due before interior design work, and the remainder before the first copy is printed. We are also amenable to payment plans, with services starting at $2000 invested. 

Once you complete a transaction, we’ll send you a personalized contract to sign, if you haven’t received one from us already. If you change your mind within 24 hours of our sending you the contract, we’ll refund you. As we’re a selective publisher, if we find that your work isn’t a good fit for us, we’ll refund you. No sweat.

Select from the dropdown below the payment amount that suits you. If you’ve been given a special investment amount not listed here, select the “Choose Your Own Partial Payment” option and proceed accordingly.

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Our author-friendly publishing contract: so fair we make it public

Atmosphere Press was founded in 2015 on the principles of Honesty, Transparency, Professionalism, Kindness, and Making Your Book Awesome.

We hold true to those principles today.

© Atmosphere Press, all rights reserved. 7107 Foxtree Cove, Austin, TX 78750

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