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83 Odyssey: An Adventure Down the Spine of America on U.S. Highway 83, by Charles Roamer

Seasoned road trip enthusiast Charles Roamer takes readers on a journey down a fascinating—though not well-known—largely two-lane highway that runs from the Canadian border near Westhope, North Dakota, to the Mexican border in Brownsville, Texas, which he drove in his 2006 Toyota Corolla.

Share the author’s quirky adventures and discover what he learned about the varied terrain, towns, and people he encountered in America’s deep hinterland—a region he found to have much more beauty, diversity, and attractions than commonly perceived. Besides U.S. 83, learn about other roads in the pre-interstate U.S. Highway system that’s approaching its one-hundredth anniversary.

This is a travel story that may inspire many readers to make a similar journey, or will engage those who are content to be armchair travelers.

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