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A Coincidental Life, by Ron Kemper

In downtown San Francisco, an unexpected reunion unfurls between two former high school friends, Billy Feeney and Stevie Alpert, who once shared the bustling streets of Brooklyn. Now, separated by an astounding 3,000-mile gap from their familiar roots, fate has orchestrated their chance encounter at a bus stop.

At the heart of the narrative lies Billy, a figure shrouded in enigma, setting in motion a series of bewildering and seemingly inexplicable actions that defy conventional understanding. Against this backdrop, Stevie’s life story intricately weaves into Billy’s, sparking a chain of events that blur the lines between choice and happenstance. As the characters navigate the crossroads of their interwoven fates, the delicate threads of choice and cosmic alignment are artfully entwined.

Throughout A Coincidental Life, the intricate interplay between agency and the obscured prompts readers to contemplate a profound existential question: Do the reins of our lives rest in our hands, or are we subjects to the whims of coincidence, serendipity, and the veiled forces of destiny?

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