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A Curse in Ash, by Julie Zantopoulos

Everyone knows you don’t mess with Fae on a New Moon.

But the Fae that Aisling Quinn deals with don’t need a thin Veil to cross and jeopardize her carefully created life. As a powerful witch, she’s battled for agency in realms determined to control her. Now, she has a circle of friends she loves, a job where she excels, and a craft she’s perfecting.

Enter a handsome stranger magically linked to her and the Fae fiancé who won’t leave her side until threats against her life stop. As if that will ever happen.

Aisling has trained in magic use, self-defense, and secrecy, but no amount of training prepared her for a curse that hits so close to home. Then again, she never anticipated having two men by her side ready to fight, and die, with her.

With a diverse cast of characters and no shortage of danger or romance, the explosive world of A Curse in Ash, the first in an adult contemporary fantasy series, will leave you breathless for more.

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