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A Gathering of Broken Mirrors: Memories of New York Survivors, by Anthony E. Shaw

“I search for answers to questions that, I suspect, are as old as human time itself.”

This collection presents memories, from a variety of New Yorkers, in different places and times. These are the lessons of life in the city:

· Can people whose lives are filled with wicked acts also be loving and kind?

· Why do only some people suffer cruel and unexplained tragic events?

· Who will help when someone is slipping blindly into harm?

· Must we pass through darkness to find light?

· Does committing a sin irrevocably scar the sinner?

· Who is pursuing whom: the person chasing the future, or the future luring the person?

· Does forgiveness exist?

· How does one solitary life fit in the force of history?

· Are people ultimately punished for their misdeeds or rewarded for their kindnesses?

· What is fate?

· How does a person live a fulfilled life knowing death is to come?

· Who answers unspoken questions?

· Who is the savior?

A Gathering of Broken Mirrors tells twenty-four New York stories that are jagged pieces of a broken mirror. These distinct voices of the famous, the infamous, and the anonymous, through the shards of their memories, open the hard road to what’s next.

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