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A Grip of Trees, by Phillip Erfan

Influenced by a love of the classics, Philip Erfan’s debut book speaks with an earnestness and power about the many subtle experiences of life, collected and presented here in a highly unconventional and almost post-modern manner.

Throughout this short volume, he reflects on the feelings and thoughts inspired by the natural beauty of his surroundings: from the open and vast landscape of America’s countryside, to his time away in Her once hopeful and thriving cities; he transforms the words and phrases that would appear to him in sudden outbursts of creativity into strange and stylized examinations of both the meaning of his and all our lives.

In the few but tightly woven pages of A Grip of Trees, author Phillip Erfan distills the essence of his being and hope and love for mankind, directly communicating with the reader the beauty of the inner and outer world of all phenomena.

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