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A Guy from Brooklyn, by Arthur Sherman PhD

A profound journey from the brownstones of Flatbush to the conference rooms and laboratories of Silicon Valley, A Guy From Brooklyn tells a story that demonstrates the fact that every human has what they need to make their dreams a reality. Our magic happens when we break down labels and hierarchy and see possibility.

This is the story of Arthur Sherman, the child of Easten European immigrants whose curiosity and optimism defied the odds by looking past fixed mindsets and silos in academia to see science in its purity – without labels, without limits. This mindset led to discoveries and innovations that helped birth the technological revolution driven by Silicon Valley in the 1970s.

Arthur’s story demonstrates that everything is possible if we have vision, set goals, and pursue them with passion. A Guy from Brooklyn is a timeless and powerful message to all to say “why not?” to all those who say “no way.”

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