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A Perilous Road, by A.C. Smith

A dark cloud has settled over the Eastern Kingdom. The Shadow Knight and his henchmen sow terror among travelers, spreading chaos from the outskirts of the capital to the serene country backroads.

Amidst this treacherous landscape, Hollis McNeill, a wealthy merchant, embarks on a perilous journey to transport goods to the illustrious City of Queens. Aware of the dangers lurking in the snow-covered mountains and the dreaded Forest of Souls, Hollis enlists the aid of four intrepid companions:

Gustin, a former cavalry officer and a bold tactician who wields his longsword with deadly precision.

Faelintari, an elven Blademaster possessing unmatched speed and agility, making her an unbeatable opponent.

Erin, a quiet and enigmatic archer rivaling even the most skilled ranger with her mastery of the bow.

And Draigistar, a carefree wizard with an extraordinary command of spells, wielding magical abilities far beyond his years.

The menacing Shadow League stands ready to attack Hollis’s entourage and claim their spoils, but little do they know they have gravely underestimated the courage and skill of this new band of protectors.

Facing danger, betrayal, and relentless assaults, the group discovers Hollis is keeping a secret. They find themselves in a race against time, striving to reach the capital before the Shadow Knight can fulfill his sinister ambitions.

A Perilous Road introduces a cast of inspiring characters whose unconditional friendship and loyalty forge an unbreakable bond. Together, they embody resilience and determination, beacons of hope in the face of overwhelming darkness.

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