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A Very Fine House, by Rose Molina

When Letty Marquez discovers an elegant-but-decrepit Victorian mansion not far from school, she and her friends decide to keep it a secret and make it their own.

As the Vietnam war escalates, the nation reels from protests, riots, and a drug epidemic. Letty and her friends pit themselves against forces that want the land beneath the house. At the same time, boys, friends, and permissive American culture constantly clash with Letty’s Mexican upbringing and her Catholic religion.

In A Very Fine House by Rose Molina, we experience the turmoil of an era where political awareness and social change engulf the lives of young people struggling to come of age. Interwoven in this difficult phase of life, culture clashes exacerbate the struggle in the search for an identity. The story sheds light on these complex issues with both humor and warmth.

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