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A Walk Through the Wilderness, by Dan Conger

A Walk Through the Wilderness takes the reader on a harrowing adventure through the rigid psychological manipulation of a fundamentalist cult, the many joys and sorrows during the years of recovery afterwards, the seeming hopelessness of infertility, and finally to a joy realized.

Being raised in a liberal Christian home, Dan never imagined the sorrows he would face as his faith evolved into fundamentalist cult status. For many years he lived under a rigid religious control structure that managed every aspect of his life and resulted in deep emotional scarring. During the years of recovery after his involvement, he and his wife Chanthy suffered through years of infertility which (combined with the cult experiences) resulted in both of them becoming atheists. There is hope, however, for Dan & Chanthy as their journey leads them through the joy of a successful adoption effort and the coming to fruition of their desires for a happy and healthy family.

In Dan Conger’s book we experience his faith and his doubt, his sorrows and his hopes, his joys and his expectations for a bright future. The reader is welcomed to come along on A Walk Through the Wilderness.

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