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Abaddon Illusion, by Lindsey Bakken

If you knew one party would change your life in unimaginable ways, would you go?

Senior year was supposed to be pointless and fun. For Rose Jackson, it turns into life or death when she and her bodyguard are taken as hostages to a remote island. As they struggle to understand their captivity and their growing feelings, circumstances introduce them to two very different captives: an insurance salesman and a delirious model.

Trying to find a way off of Abaddon Island, our four unlikely heroes navigate complicit strangers and familiar evils. As they get to the bottom of the island’s secrets, one question rises to the surface: “Can we live with the choices we’ve made?”

Abaddon Illusion by Lindsey Bakken is a thriller about finding your identity in extreme circumstances and never letting go of the person you want to become.

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