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Addicted to Health: Going with God to Break Free from a Health-Obsessed Culture, by Victoria Davis

“Victoria is the perfect fit to write this because of her personal journey to overall health and healing since childhood. She’s overcome Tourette’s Syndrome, severe and painful skin issues, hormone imbalances, and more. She has a unique and empathic coaching approach with her clients who struggle with the damage and destruction that come with food addiction; and at the same time is able to help so many learn about the incredible impacts of food as fuel and medicine.”
— Dr. Jaime Parker, Associate Director, Wellness Council of Arizona

“This topic immediately caught my attention! When does the obsession to be healthy become unhealthy? I am intrigued to learn more for myself and also I am excited to share this important information with the large community of diverse women within our studios.”
– Kimberlee White, Co-Founder Jabz Boxing Fitness for Women

“I have been very open about my addictions to health which led me into eating disorders and obsessive behavior. I think many of us go to the extreme when it comes to health where it no longer works in our favor mentally or emotionally. I am anticipating this book and feel it will help so many that are between two worlds and needing assistance and guidance.”
– Violette de Alaya, Founder & CEO of FemCity®

“Victoria has been an ongoing contributor to Sass Magazine, answering each of our requests for her unique content – she is someone who can certainly write, and write well, on demand. She has a wholistic approach to health, wellness, nutrition, and how it impacts everyday aspects of human life. She expresses this perspective in her work. It is her ability to uniquely embrace the complexities of overall health and wellness – that so many of us find it easier to shy away from – that have made her a coveted writer for Sass. She is no doubt the author to have for such a nuanced topic as addiction to health.”
-Gel Derossi, Sass Magazine Digital Manager

Addicted to Health teaches the steps to change how we view health and find lasting freedom without obsession or punishment. In a world where everyone is aiming to find the perfect solution to their health problems, what happens when we go too far? Healthy living is incredibly important; however, anything deemed as “healthy” is often seen as negative, too difficult to make a part of your lifestyle, or too confusing to know what to do and who to trust. This is NOT what “healthy” should look like for anyone. It’s time to redefine health culture and to walk in lasting freedom and joy with God in your health.

This book gives specific steps for how you can experience personal freedom, lasting transformation, and constant joy in your health journey.

This book aims to show you practical ways to choose joy, freedom and peace in every step of your health journey; to become addicted to health in a way that allows you to experience radical transformation in your life as well as in the lives of others.

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