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After the Breaking, by Karen J. Laakko

The light has fallen, and both past and future hang in the balance….

In the northern reaches of a desolate world stands a fallen realm, its sky tainted by an unnatural darkness that is slowly threatening other regions. As three explorers pick their way through the ruins in an effort to find out what happened, they learn that the truth extends farther than they could ever have imagined–across both time and space. The realm has hidden histories, its enemies taking many forms, and it isn’t long before the explorers find themselves confronted with a living reminder of this distant past.

The Beyond the Hostile Sky Cycle is a genre-blending epic, bringing together elements of fantasy, military science fiction, and limited time travel. This initial installment introduces a colorful and mysterious fantasy world near the end of the series’ timeline, after generations of interaction between magical and technological societies.

This volume also includes a three-chapter preview of the next book, Beyond the Hostile Sky!

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