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An Expectation of Plenty, by Thomas Bazar

Vincent is an amnesiac as well as a believer in miracles—especially the miracle of figuring out his own past. A birthday note from his father is his only memento from long ago. He also possesses the gift of hearing what others do not and witnessing what others do not.

He finds himself in Lisbon. It is the early 2000s and Portugal and most of Europe is in the midst of a crisis. Economies are failing, migrants roam the streets. Through it all, Vincent befriends the larger-than-life Fausto, a fellow vagrant.

As Vincent seeks answers to his past, a number of murders rock their community. Fausto mysteriously disappears and an old man wanders into Vincent’s life, a solitary figure whose intent is killing the amnesiac—payback for crimes Vincent’s father committed during the Holocaust.

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Part mystery, part revenge tragedy, An Expectation of Plenty is one man’s struggle with identity, displacement, and the consequences from a father’s dark past.

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