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Ascendencies Encompassing, by Travis Wallenfang

In 2017, Tribal Affairs stated, “There is little or no information, or the information has been archived because the project is complete, but you only get information the way we give it to you… Perhaps this will stall him from receiving the information?”

Having worked as a Field Engineer contracted for WisDOT, tasked with documenting Native American participation in projects for years, author Travis Wallenfang always knew where the information was hidden.

This book unveils the intricate web of influences that shaped training, memorandums, partnership agreements, and provisions for Tribal Skilled Trades Workers. It draws from federal, tribal, state, union, and construction industry agencies. The WisDOT Chief Council’s OGC Legal Opinion was challenged and eventually overturned with compelling evidence, paving the way for a collective solution moving forward.

Within these pages, you’ll find an extensive overview of linked graphs dating back to 1993–2018, showcasing the significant Native American involvement in these projects. Discover the key players responsible for the state’s Transportation budget each year, complete with charts and direct links showcasing the awarded contracts.

The narrative also delves into documents created during Scott Walker’s “The Federal Swap” era—a strategy used to reallocate project-specific federal funds, replace them with state funds, and circumvent federal specifications.

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