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Behind the Cigarette, by Jacqueline Grandey

Literary Titan Gold Book Award (1)

In the highly anticipated sequel to Broken Record, the gripping saga of Alexandra Rae and the renowned rock band WHIP continues, delving deeper into the realms of drama, desire, and life-altering choices.

As the lead vocalist and Alexandra’s best friend, Tyler Black, grapples with emotional recovery following a harrowing overdose incident on stage., He sets out on a path of reinvention as a rock star, pushing Alexandra’s patience and testing the limits of WHIP’s tolerance. In an effort to honor a promise made to Tyler, Alexandra unwittingly unleashes a series of consequences as she turns to her toxic ex-lover, Gage Heston, leading to an unraveling of her life and exposing her vulnerability.

Caught in the midst of escalating tensions between Tyler and the band’s commitments, Alexandra’s relationship with Trent Van Zant, her boyfriend and keyboard player, is pushed to its breaking point. As her heart shatters and she endures the trials of a world consumed by sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Alexandra questions if her promise to Tyler was worth the pain.

Behind the Cigarette is a gripping exploration of love, sacrifice, and the high price of fame.

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