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Beyond the Hostile Sky: Part One, by Karen J Laakko

As the Earth Shrine crumbles into rubble, strange energy readings are picked up by spaceship sensors.…

Spirited young Pyr is training to be a fire mage, assisted by the handsome water mage Aneuthen, but a war is raging. In the depths of space, a powerful fleet has been battling a silent, logic-defying enemy, whose interests seem to cover magic as well as technology. As the conflict intensifies and makes itself known to Pyr, she faces the collapse of everything she had previously relied on. Defenseless but determined, she and new allies can save their world only if they travel to unfamiliar domains—and learn to listen, forgive, and hope.

The second and chronologically earliest installment, Beyond the Hostile Sky is the heart of the cycle. In bringing the fantasy and sci-fi worlds together for the first time, it lays the groundwork for what is to come, but without forgetting the world that was introduced in After the Breaking. Uncover the intrigue and betrayals that started it all!

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