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Blindfolds, Bruises, and Break-Ups, by Jen Schneider

Where strange meets quirky, and where systems meet stand-offs, this collection explores everyday moments through multiple lenses and in a variety of forms. In these pieces, tradition tangoes with sleight of hand, and experimentation is embraced. The work examines the intersection of randomness and regularity in spontaneous snippets of time as unique as the individual reader.

In this book, readers examine containment, confinement, and exploration in varied contexts and traditional systems — legal, educational, and personal. Readers interested in formal experimentation in poetry will encounter much to explore. Readers interested in systems change will, as well.

Hushed conversations between close confidants. Formal Q&As with no formal responses. Blanks in need of content. Content-fueled conspiracies. Crosswords, budget shortfalls, and daily puzzles. Blindfolds, Bruises, and Break-Ups by Jen Schneider challenges tradition and form in an intentionally playful manner, while simultaneously delving deeply into persistent problems of the most serious nature. Ponder one puzzle. Complete another.

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