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Bone Deep Bonds, by B. G. Arnold

Upon coming home from work, a father learns that his twelve-year-old son hasn’t returned from his routine jog on a country road nearby. The only clue is an unknown BMW that a neighbor noticed passing by, hours earlier.

With family and the local police discouraging him, the father believes in his own intuition and the Spirit who guides him, setting out on a journey to combat the forces of evil, startled to discover some buried secrets from his own youth. On his journey into the unknown, he meets and learns from those who both discourage and encourage him, from professionals who believe his son is as ‘good as dead’ to an older well-to-do couple who insist on hosting him, helping him through the ‘underground’ territory of missing persons.

Whereas his captive son is well-taken care of by his wealthy patron kidnapper, who teaches his surrogate son the wonders of the natural and scientific world, along with the sensual pleasures of the body. As the father closes in on the kidnapper, all of their lives become intertwined.

In Bone Deep Bonds by B. G. Arnold, we experience the human phenomena that until something we treasure is lost, we don’t truly realize it has been found.

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