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Breaking His Silence, by Rodney Cleaves

Jairus’ precious daughter had died and his heart with her. He had witnessed a miracle when she was returned to life and his heart with her. However, his emotions were in turmoil, confusion permeated his soul. Years have past and he remained unsettled.

Walk with Jairus as he reexamines his beliefs. It’s a path we all travel at one time or another. Jairus’ struggle is our struggle. Be with Jairus as he relives his story from his marriage to the birth of his daughter, to the day he met the Master, and beyond.

This is a mix of gospel truths reflective of Jewish life in biblical Capernaum. Biblical stories are snapshots in time. Share our journey as we meet the people Jesus encountered, as they had full, rich, lives before and after their encounter. Their history didn’t begin and end with the Messiah’s touch.

Breaking His Silence explores a man’s crushing doubt, accompanies him on his journey, and watches him take the ultimate plunge. Then, revisits him many years later when his faith had finally settled.

You’ve read this story in three of the gospels, but you never read it like this.


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