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But Do You Love Me with Locura?, by Sharon Steeber

But Do You Love Me with Locura? is a story of where home ultimately lies. It is also a story of family loyalties, smoldering resentments, compromised ideals, and the question of what love means. Rosie Logan hopes learning Spanish deep in Mexico will be the rocket fuel her stagnant newspaper career needs. Doctor Juan Ramón Villaseñor, cynical director of an impoverished clinic in a small pueblo, reveals more of local realities than Rosie is ready to know. Their ideals draw then to each other’s worlds, but Rosie and Juan Ramón are stymied over and over by confounding codes in those worlds, along with his controlling father and her single mother.

“Each chapter drew me further into the beautiful and lyrical connection between the two main characters and into the hindrances around them.”
Wanda Maureen Miller, author of Madeleine, Last French Casquette Bride in New Orleans and Solange

“Exciting and suspenseful, with all the beauty and joy, along with the frustration and pain, of crossing cultures . . . exquisitely expressed.”
Andrea Usher

“Mexicans speaks mostly Spanish, but Rosie Logan discovers that within it lies another language composed of deliberate uncertainties that leave her rudderless.”
George Hargreaves, author of The Collector and the Blind Girl

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