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Calls for Help, by Greg T. Miraglia

Hey. Hey you. Let’s read the back of this book. It’s going to talk about your friend Alex and your other friend John. You know, smiley Alex and miserable John. They’re friends of mine too.
They told me you have mixed feelings about poetry. They told me you would like this collection. They also said you like juicy secrets about your friends.

Alex tripped on the staircase outside her dorm building on the way to class. John and I are going to see if she’s alright. You should come too!

Greg T. Miraglia is a graduate of Wells College where he received their Class of 1905 Poetry Prize. His poetry has been in the Garbanzo Literary Journal, Aerogram, and in Cowboy Poetry Press. His poems have been presented at the 2015 Bridgewater International Poetry Festival and been part of the 2016 Nevermore METRO Immersive Arts Festival. Greg also writes short fiction and nonfiction essays. He is a proud member of the WriteOn Writers group. Read more from Greg at

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