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Convergence: The Interconnection of Extraordinary Experiences, by Barbara Mango and Lynn Miller

Imagine taking an extraordinary, life-altering voyage beyond time and space. One that is consistently described by experiencers as “realer than real,” powerfully loving, and forever life-altering. One that transcends ordinary, three-dimensional consciousness. Near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, contact with non-human intelligent beings, and past-life recall are examples of such journeys. All share numerous commonalities, and are ultimately uplifting and healing on physiological, emotional, and psychological levels. The authors propose all such experiences are inter-connected, rather than independent modalities, via non-local consciousness.

With compassion, wit, and brutal honesty, the authors share their uniquely personal experiences. They understand first hand that experiencers, like the authors, came into this world ‘wired differently.’ Barbara and Lynn explore each modality from their personal encounters, backed by cutting-edge science. They investigate anomalous-prone personality types, integration of experiences, transformative aftereffects, and the woefully inadequate medical and psychological support currently available to experiencers. The word convergence may be defined as several phenomena joining together, or merging into one. This book is the embodiment of that definition.

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