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Country on the Edge of Nowhere by Danilo López Román



LT awards gold (5)

A gripping exploration of power, its relentless pursuit, and the existential crisis it poses to individuals and nations alike, Country at the Edge of Nowhere chronicles Danilo Lopez’s personal journey in a narrative that resonates with the experiences of many. From humble beginnings to cherished dreams, from the weight of oppressive regimes to the prospect of a brighter future, he uncovers the delicate balance between upliftment and annihilation.

Through the lens of Danilo’s poignant narrative, readers are compelled to grapple with the consequences of political indifference and seek a path toward reclaiming agency and restoring hope.

“Danilo is the creator of a multicultural language as a referent, not only for Nicaragua, but for all our surrounding countries.” -Gloria Mendoza Borja, laureate poet from Peru.

“Through these poems, Danilo López-Román confesses the echo that migrates from his introspection and rebels in his poetry with a proclamation to his ancestors and roots.” -Gloria MiláDeLaRoca, revista Nagari, Miami.

“I stopped at the edge of time to recall the marvelous reality of the garden of Eden and the absurd order of a cruel civilization that continued a barbaric state; these blunt words are a real and historical dissection of life”. – Silvio Ambrogi, laureate poet of Nicaragua-USA.

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