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Courts of Law Not Courts of Justice, by Eric Oberer

What if I told you that the American criminal justice system has never been about, is not set up to seek out, and is not equipped to find, justice –- at least “justice” as understood by most? In many ways, it was designed this way by the Founding Fathers based on Benjamin Franklin’s vision that “it is better a hundred guilty persons should escape than one innocent person should suffer.”

Americans are taught that justice means fairness. They expect it from our legal system. “Equal Justice Under Law” is prominently inscribed on the Supreme Court. Yet law and justice in America are not necessarily the same thing. And they are certainly not applied in equal ways.

The disconnect between these realities and what Americans are taught about justice has led to great strife in our society. But what if everyone grew up understanding the limitations of our justice system, yet understood what it is striving to achieve? Through the Revolutionary War, historic cases, civil unrest, Broken Windows law enforcement, corrupt police and attorneys, and jury bias, the lens through which you see the American justice system is about to change, all as told by former Baltimore prosecutor –- Eric Oberer. It is time for a paradigm shift…

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