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Cult’s Prey, by Mary Longley

A coalition of religious and corporate leaders band together to institute a new era of Reconstruction—herding the populous into dystopian communities controlled by cult leaders who regulate their religious, political, and ideological views.

With privacy being a thing of the past, A.I. technology track citizens’ every move, and anyone defying sect rules is mobbed, shamed, and gaslighted into submission.

Three best friends, Madeline Brown, Jazmine Wilson, and Jacques Dunbar are ensnared by the leaders of New Life of Hope, a religious cult with ties to underworld figures, The Troop, shadowy enforcers of the Circle of Nine, a secret society with power and reach across the globe.

Leaders of New Life of Hope will stop at nothing to indoctrinate the trio into their religious sect. The friends fight back with grit, strength, and wit, determined to expose the fascism sweeping the country.

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