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Delivery, by Tom David


There’s something hidden inside the furniture, and one delivery driver is about to find out how far some people will go to keep it a secret.

Rob is a college student who delivers furniture to make ends meet. He never expected to be pulled into a life of crime. After discovering he’s been delivering more than just fabric and foam, Rob finds himself drawn into a dangerous underworld run by a powerful organization where the people who pull the strings will stop at nothing to protect their interests. He can’t risk going to the authorities because there’s no way to know how far the organization’s tentacles of corruption reach. His only option is to assume a different identity and attempt to infiltrate the organization to expose its secrets, but only if its henchmen don’t uncover his plan first.

In Delivery by Tom David we experience a perfect storm of unwitting discovery that’s combined with opportunistic lies and doused with corruption and greed. One man’s everyday life is turned upside-down and transformed into a journey where any misstep could send him over the edge.

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