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Dinner’s Ready! Recipes for Working Moms, by Cailor Rebecca

Recipes for Working Moms came as a later-in-life idea for Rebecca Cailor as she looked back at raising two children by herself, wondering how she found the time between two jobs to create ingenious recipes and contribute to their health. These recipes are more than just ideas on how to cook something fast to save you time. They are collected from a lifetime of trying different cuisines so that children will be more adaptable to new tastes as they grow up. These cuisine creations are both delicious and nutritious with specific instructions for those who may have sugar sensitivity or allergies. Some of the Southern American foods were from Cailor’s sons’ grandmother’s recipes which were handed down to her. Other recipes she brought back from other countries and cultures. If you are a working mother, you have little time to spare and these creations will both satisfy the most finicky taste buds, and save you time and money.

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