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Distress and Determination, Part II: The Further Trials of Frederick Darcy, Young Gentleman, by James Wollak

Challenges at University, Challenges in Society

Upon returning to King’s College, Cambridge, Frederick Darcy’s self-confidence grows, as do his social and educational challenges. With his sisters Julia and Jane Elizabeth, he endeavors to navigate a treacherous debut season in London-a season filled with balls, banquets, social obligations, and a variety of questionable debutantes and their eligible, enigmatic escorts.

The siblings must distinguish friend from foe, face both old and new enemies, and contend with the fallout from recent events at Pemberley. Have hints of scandal traveled from Derbyshire to the capital in time for their debuts into society?

Frederick not only strives to be the perfect escort for his sisters but also grapples with challenges related to his burgeoning role as the future Master of Pemberley. He must consider how to leverage the power and prestige that will one day be his.

Will the Darcy family return intact to Pemberley, or will Frederick, Julia, and Jane experience life-changing events before the season ends?

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