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Doctor Fearless, by Lili Dean

I should have known anyone this perfect was too good to be true. He was a player and he played me with all his talents like a finely tuned instrument—my emotions, my heart, and my body. Why do narcissists always find the most caring empaths to meet their needs?

Embark on a spellbinding journey into the alluring world of Doctor Fearless, a man seemingly crafted from the essence of romantic perfection. With silver-gray hair and irresistible charisma, he draws you into a captivating fantasy. As a renowned surgeon, Dr. Fearless exudes confidence and professionalism, but beneath the surface lurks a true narcissist. Beware, for he is a master of seduction, weaving a spell that convinces you of your unparalleled beauty in his eyes.

In Doctor Fearless, meet three resolute women ensnared by the enigma of Dr. Fearless. They peer beyond the facade, driven by a hope to heal the perfect man who believes he requires no improvement. As they navigate the seductive dance, love emerges as the catalyst for transformation, blurring the boundaries between illusion and reality. Can their caring nature shatter the barriers of his perfection, or are they fated to be entangled in the intricate web he weaves?

Brace yourself for the riveting exploration of love, illusion, and the transformative power of the human heart. These three women enjoy the love-bombing stage, and we will follow each through the narcissistic stages of behavior to see how they fare in their journey of life and love.

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