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Down, Looking Up, by Connie Rubsamen

Raised on a Midwestern farm after World War II, Eric was considered worthless in his childhood. He was restricted by a body that did not allow him to walk. With stubborn determination, he struggled to cope with his disability, cerebral palsy.

Eric endured abuse, discrimination and neglect and yet found the courage to face his challenges directly. In adulthood, he lived independently and was proud to have a job to pay his own way. He loved baseball, longed to play the game and be part of a team. Instead, he watched from the sidelines. He released pent-up emotions of his triumphs and tragedies through writing stories and poems. Connie Rubsamen’s memoir of her brother is driven by his many writings.

Down Looking Up is an inspiring story of fighting against and coming to terms with a disability. This story illustrates how a disability impacts one’s life. There is no escape.

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