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Eaten Alive, by Tim Galati

Tim Galati’s breakthrough novel EATEN ALIVE
is an exhilarating and at-times-heartbreaking look into mental illness and the desire
to escape into a new and better life.

Embree struggles to find love, peace, and freedom in a tornado of events that consume every fiber of her being and redefine her notions of suffering. She partakes in a nightmarish adventure across New York in search of the lifestyle and independence of her dreams while enduring heartbreaking traumas, mental ruin, and nothing short of an emotional apocalypse.

Embree worms her way through young adulthood one forced and uncertain step at a time, tasting heartbreak, suffering psychosis, drowned in mania, smothered by depression, trudging through homelessness, sickened with paranoia and delusions, craving life-threatening risks, stomaching bereavement, and crippled by the vast evil around her—finding friends and affection as well as foes and disgust along the way.

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