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Eating & Praying, by Davis Summers

“I love this book! It’s hilarious and fun and by turns both light and poignant. As someone who knows a lot about Eating and tends to not always get to the Praying part, I found this endlessly relatable. ” – Casey Wilson, New York Times bestselling author of The Wreckage of My Presence

Tyler Morgan, the film industry’s most promising producer, is reeling from a recent breakup with his long-term boyfriend. In the midst of heartbreak, Tyler receives what he believes to be a divine sign, urging him to quit his coveted job and embark on a recreation of Eat Pray Love. Yes, recreate the Eat Pray Love.

After experiencing the highs and lows of love in Italy, Tyler comes to a realization-his emotional issues run deeper than any pilgrimage can cure. By the time he reaches the “Pray” phase, his savings are drained, leaving him penniless and stranded outside the gates of an ashram in rural India. With no other option, he must confront what he’s truly running from.

Eating & Praying delves into themes of grief, family, the romance and tragedy of being young and queer in the modern world, internet-age narcissism, and the necessity of making peace with one’s past to make sense of the present.

“Eating and Praying is packed with big laughs and bursts of pain that made me want to be in my twenties again, then on a dime reminded me why I’m glad I’m not. A beautiful debut novel from Davis Summers that’s so much more than it seems. It reminds me as a queer person, it’s okay to come out and/or ‘come of age’ whenever it happens.” – Michael Urie, Emmy-nominated Actor

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