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Escape Velocity, by Cate McNider

Cate McNider’s poetry is a remarkable journey through the depths of the human experience. In Escape Velocity, she invites us to explore the uncharted territories of our inner selves and discover what lies beneath the surface. With each poem, she fearlessly confronts her own conditioning and strips away the layers of habit and illusion that obscure our true nature.

Her words are a profound meditation on the power of vulnerability and the transformative force of love and understanding. McNider takes us on a journey through the Void, the space within ourselves where we can find the answers to life’s most profound questions.

Through her daring, honest, and often humorous approach, McNider reminds us that we are all the Source of our own reality. Her poetry is not just a reportage of her own transcendent process, but a call to action for each of us to undertake our own journey of self-discovery.

Escape Velocity is not just a collection of poems, but a profound work of art that challenges us to see ourselves and thus the world with new eyes. McNider’s courage and insight will leave you potently aware, daring you to take the leap into the unknown and discover the truth that lies within.

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