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Eye of the Hawk, by Neal R. Sutton

A significant sex trafficking operation doesn’t go to plan in the heart of Amsterdam, and the cross-border authorities must work together to retrace their steps.

British international Liaison Officer Ted Chester finds himself teaming up with Europol and various European cross-country forces to track down the organised crime group behind the exploitation of young women under operation Hawk. Ted must figure out how to be one step ahead of the criminals when they seem to know the authorities’ next move as both sides have undercover operatives. Meanwhile, Mabel and her friend set on a journey backpacking around Europe, realising their journey would turn into their worst nightmare as they become engulfed in the dark underworld of sex trafficking.

In ‘Eye of the hawk’ by Neal R Sutton, we experience a fast-paced pursuit across the continent as authorities race against time to bring the organised criminals to justice and save those in danger before they are lost forever.

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