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Facehash, by Reuben Percival

If social media stomped its feet and bared its teeth to you, would you retreat? Or would you stand your ground?

The Writer has big ambitions for his career and views his current job at the consumer-advice show Facehash as merely a stepping-stone for greater things. But when the show becomes embroiled in a Twitter racism controversy, he’s faced with the dilemma of whether to stay true to his artistic creation or jump ship before his name is tarnished and his career thrown on the scrap heap.

In Facehash the themes of censorship and offense are explored through the inner workings of a man completely consumed with his own artistic angst. What use will it be to keep his writing job if all his jokes are just going to be scrutinized by senior management? And is there any point in pursuing a career of writing of deep and complex themes if he ends up alienating himself from everyone around him? From hidden office tunnels to flimsy padlocks, all the way through to the mind-numbing acronyms of a senior management meeting, he eventually comes to an answer.

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