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Faith: An Interactive Pursuit, by John Blair

Building Faith in God through Christ is the primary assignment of the body of Christ on this planet. The individual Christian is called to believe and love the Lord.

A trip through the teachings of scripture and a review many doctrines within the American church indicate that Church is trying to meet the mission set down by Jesus, but some adjustments and reminders may help. A review of the distractions facing the faithful and what scripture says is in order. A long look at what unites the body of Christ across race, color, economic strata, geographic and political barriers is also long overdue. We must see the necessity of demonstrating the love of Christ to our brothers and sisters in the church as well as those on the outside.

In Faith: An Interactive Pursuit by John Blair, we experience a call for a functional day-to-day paradigm shift in the Modern American Christian Church. This call is for the individual members of the Church to realize that Christianity is NOT a religion! It was never intended to be. It IS an entire lifestyle. There is rich meaning in the calling of Christ to follow his role model through love, compassion, peace, joy, and grace.

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