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Falling Into The Light, by M. J. Wiley

Where the Far East meets the Wild West, Falling Into The Light reflects the collision of world cultures during the 19th century.

When a young Dalai Lama encounters a deeply hurt soul in his congregation, he begins to doubt his abilities as a spiritual leader, and must travel across the world as a disguised layman to experience human endeavors on the American frontier. Only then could he return home as an enlightened spiritual warrior and the trusted leader of his country’s future.

On this transformative journey, the innocence of youth and privilege are shattered soon after the trans-pacific steamship docks in the San Francisco bay. The Dalai Lama ventures from Chinatown to the White House, where he learns, firsthand, the culture clashes of a nation besieged with greed, entitlement, and opportunity. From his encounters with Irish thugs to railroad tycoons and Black slaves to Native Americans, the Dalai Lama is forced to grow up quickly to survive on the American frontier. However, amid all the fear and fighting, the Dalai Lama also finds true love, and is compelled to choose between two futures in two different worlds.

Replete with historical settings, strong characters, and a narrative that reflects the natural beauty of the American heartland, Falling Into The Light is a beautiful story for adventurous readers seeking an escape into the past, while exploring the nature of humanity.

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